Whatever Sets Your Soul on Fire: HIH Podcast & Sophia Amouruso


GUESS WHO? It’s me, Chloe WIlde.

I’m baaaaaack. Ok, maybe I never left, but I certainly took a bit of a backseat in terms of writing for Healthy is Hot while getting the podcast up and running. Now that we’re in the swing of things, it’s time to get back to what i used to love; writing. And writing about all the components that make HIH: mental health, physical health, nutritional health, career health and of course, the last bucket is all about what sets your soul on fire.

A big reason I started the podcast was because of how much Sophia Amouruso’s GirlBoss podcast resonated with me; on each episode she interviews a woman and shines a light on their story and how they got established in the business world. I loved the casual nature of their conversations in a podcast format, how there was minimal editing and time to get down to the nitty gritty of their journey. It got me thinking, we need more of these conversations, and we need more that focus on health. And thus the seed was planted for the Healthy Is Hot podcast.


Before I fell in love with the world of podcasting, I fell in love with eccentric fashion choices. A friend of mine introduced me to NastyGal, an internet sensation that tickled any fashionista with a quirky side. It was loud, weird and feminine, with a heavy dose of edge - it was my wardrobe equivalent to listening to The Used of My Chemical Romance; definitely not the most hardcore but definitely worthy of some punk attitude. Ok, so you might be wondering, how does this relate to HIH... and I applaud you for being inquisitive and slightly questioning my train of thought, but I swear there is a link.


The founder of NastyGal = Sophia Amouruso

The founder of GirlBoss = Sophia Amouruso

And who did I recently share the stage with at a tech and innovation festival in front of 3200people to discuss the importance of community? You guessed it, Sophia. Life is such a trip sometimes, and this encounter definitely takes its’ place amongst the top 10 full-circle moments. The best part of that experience was the feeling that coursed through my veins for hours after the lights went down and we exited stage right and continued on with our day, Sophia to the airport and me back to Etalk. That feeling was the importance of community. Whether it’s a digital community (YOU GUYS), or our podcast community (MAYBE STILL YOU GUYS!) or the friends we hold near and dear to our hearts; community is such a key part of life, both personally and professionally. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through building Healthy Is Hot, it’s that our personal and professional lives are scarily intertwined and have immense impacts on our health.

And so I raise my glass (insert turmeric carrot fresh pressed juice or a tequila soda, your choice) to all of you and your extended communities. I cherish you all and cannot wait to continue on this journey to be unapologetically ourselves on our journey to health and our best selves.

Love & light,