Half Marathon goal last year: TIME, Half Marathon goal this year: STRENGTH


Hi HIH family, Chloe Wilde here!

For anyone out there also running the Scotiabank Half Marathon, we are officially in countdown mode, as of this morning, only 11 days to go! Compared to the half marathon I completed two years ago, my mind set could not be more different. Two years ago, I was hellbent on racing myself and scoring a fast time, regardless if that reawakened a knee injury or made me feel wheezy the entire time. I was focused on one thing and one thing alone; time. And yes, I was pretty fucking proud of my time, but I also could not walk for 2 days after the fact.

This year, I’m flipping the script and could care less about how fast I finish the 21km journey, and instead all my focus is on how I feel when I cross that finish line. Did I respect my knee pain? Did I check in on my respiration and wheezing throughout the race? Did I properly fuel the night before and during the race with gels or electrolyte drinks? By saying this, I’m not throwing shade at anyone who wants a PB or has a dream time in mind, you do you boo. GO FOR IT! But I’m the idiot who decided to train for the half marathon in 9 weeks, and have had to go seek treatment every two weeks to keep my hip and knee pain at manageable levels (a combination of acupuncture, chiropody and physiotherapy). My goal is to cross the finish line and not collapse LOL. Maybe next year I’ll step up my commitment and make sure my knees and hips can handle all the pounding on the pavement.

But for now, me and my knobby knees just want to be able to feel healthy and strong come race day.


Chloe Wilde