The Truth Behind My Travel Experiences


From early infancy I have been a frequent flyer with trips back and forth to Ireland to see family, school trips, adventures with friends, and a (very) long distance relationship. Although I never used to have issues with flying, as I grew up so did my nerves surrounding traveling. I am writing this shortly after a trip to visit my father in France and some of these feeling are still quite fresh in my memory.

So what are my feelings? Everything starts the night before a flight with those butterflies in the tummy. Sleep that night isn't the greatest either, but the real struggle starts on the actual travel day. Now if we were to revisit a few things that have happened to me during travel, you can understand some of these feelings. I have very unfortunate allergies, which consist of tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, and eggplant. I have had allergic reactions before while on a plane, and am thankful enough that I have been able to manage it but it does not help my nerves around eating on travel days. Combine this with the fact that most airlines don't label food, I am usually unable to eat on a plane. Of course I bring snacks, but it is hard for me to be able to stomach food due to the nerves. I also got very ill on a flight once while travelling alone to Germany where I was getting a connecting flight. I ended up being so sick I fainted. This also has caused me to be very nervous during travel.

Although it’s hard to manage the nerves sometimes and it doesn’t help that I mostly travel on my own back and fourth from Scotland to Canada, but I work on it and have a few tips that help me.

Bath night before a flight

I find that taking a bath will relax my body, which helps relax my mind.

Have everything ready to go the day before

Goes without saying, but rushing the day of travel will not help me get my relaxed mind-set.

Prepare snacks from home

I always feel better when I have something from home, and I know the ingredients.

Carry any medication/pills needed with you

Whatever the medication may be in my case I have it near me, and I rarely need to use it but knowing exactly where it is in case of an emergency is key

3-4-5 Breathing / meditation

I have recently discovered this kind of breathing and I LOVE it. I used this so often while traveling to Paris and it really helped me calm my mind. You breathe in for 3, hold for 4, and breathe out for 5. I also find repeating some mantras really helpful. Mostly things to remind me that everything can be handled, you got this, etc.

Stress release by Saje

I use the Stress Release roller in so many situations from job interviews, being in a crowded bus, on route to the airport, and the list goes on. I really find the scent soothing and would recommend this roller in particular. Although, the Pocket Farmacy is on my person almost everyday and would recommend any of those rollers for a travel day! 

We all have hurdles in life, and sometimes these hurdles are bigger than others. Travelling has become a hurdle for me, but as hard as it may be from time to time I always try to stay positive and seek help when I need it. I hope some of these tips resonate with you, and that you find some calm in travel!

With happy vibes,

Mary-Catherine x