How I Get Sh*t Done: Rachael Hunt

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Meet the self-proclaimed gluten free queen of Toronto- Rachael Hunt. Founder of and Freedom School, Rachael loves scrolling through Instagram in search of the latest and greatest gluten-free eats across the city. She was diagnosed celiac 6 years ago, and it’s become her mission to share all of her discoveries in the gluten free world. Rachael also works with people who desire to turn their side hustle into their main attraction to achieve more freedom in their life- appropriately titled as a Freedom coach! I sat down with Rachael to discuss everything from her many different job titles she holds, to why she loves dragging her friends out for a night of dancing!  

It’s your average day- what does your morning routine look like?

I try getting up early in the mornings (by my standards), because I feel like it kick starts my day.  So I aim for 630-7am and start with my 5-Minute Journal for a dose of gratitude followed by 10 minutes of meditation & another 10 minutes for this visualizing/manifesting exercise I love.  I work from home, so if my day is busy I’ll make a green tea or matcha latte and get right into it, or get a morning sweat in if I have a slower day.

You run a podcast called Vibe Tribe along with your friend and fellow wellness expert Becka Crowe- tell us why you wanted to start a podcast and give us a little bit of what’s to come this month for the podcast? 

Yes!! Becka and I started as food bloggers, but when we met 2 years ago we realized that our interests spanned further than just what we were eating.  We launched the podcast as a platform to share all of our other obsessions and interests and to learn from the best of the best in each category.

Our season 3 launched February 12 and we kicked it off with Dr. Josh Axe (he’s the world’s leading functional medicine doctor and you’ve likely seen him on Dr. Oz)! This is seriously our best season yet - the guests are bigger, we jive with each and every one of them and they provide massive inspiration for our listeners.  We always try to cover a range of health & wellness, spirituality and entrepreneurship because those are the areas we gravitate towards most.  I think we are aiming for more woo-woo vibes to test the waters with our listeners.


You also run a gluten free restaurant review blog, give us your some of your top picks for gluten-free options for a brunch with the girls in Toronto!

I have tons of round-ups on my site,, for anyone who is gluten-free! Brunch was always one of those tricky meals for me when I first went GF, but there are some good options out there now:

- Impact Kitchen

- Chadwick’s

- Insomnia

- Easy Restaurant

- Lady Marmalade

What is your favourite way to get your sweat on?

I always joke that I love quick and dirty workouts, so get my in and out in 45 minutes and I am happy.  My favourite studios are BOLO, Ride Cycle Club, Barry’s, or F45. 

Do you have a mantra or a quote you keep on hand to keep you motivated in life, in the gym, etc?

If I am dragging my feet about anything, I love channeling what so many of our podcast guests say, “just start or just do it.”  If I just make one small step towards action then I’m further ahead than I was before.  Plus, that guilt hangover of not getting what I know to need to get done is real, so might as well just bite the bullet and do something about it!

What’s your bedtime routine look like?

My bedtime routine is simple- I always wash my face, apply serums & moisturizer.  I avoid Netflix, especially during the week so I opt to read a book and always finish the day with my 5-Minute Journal.  I am usually pretty tired and fall asleep pretty quickly, but if I’m wound up, I take St. Francis Valericalm to soothe me.

How do you unwind after a long week? 

Maybe out for dinner and wine with friends or spending a little alone time.  I do love dancing, so if I can rope friends to do that once in a while that's my fave way to unwind!


What’s something about you people may not know already? 

Since it’s a fairly new endeavour, people might not know that I am now a Freedom Coach, aka I help boss babes realize their potential and help them turn their passions into businesses, or assist them in up-levelling their existing business!  I just launched last month :) 

What does ‘achieving freedom’ mean to you? 

Freedom for me extends to all areas of my life, so living my life unapologetically in a way that best serves me, while being mindful to the well-being of others.  It relates to my dietary restriction (hence, GlutenFreedom), travel, fitness, health & business!  It’s about changing and adapting as you need to live as authentically as possible!

What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

I love this question.  Healthy is Hot is taking care of yourself and making that a priority.  If that means staying in on a Saturday night or going out dancing with girlfriends til 2am (cuz mental health is health), then so be it.  I think it relates to my answer above, about being unapologetically YOU, and honouring what you feel is best, without guilt or shame.  Loving yourself is so hot these days!  

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