Ok, you're hungover.

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One of my dear friends was celebrating her birthday at Track & Field in Toronto last night and the festivities kicked off at 10 pm, unfortunately I rolled in a little late, not as a fashionably-late ploy but because I worked until 11 pm covering the ACTRA awards, and I rolled in tired AF. That kind of tired where your eyes are constantly burning and your joints ache making you question if you’re actually 30 going on 80 kind of vibe. So, my big plan was to stay for an hour, sip on some soda water, and Houdini out of there to get a decent nights sleep since I had a #HealthyIsHot class scheduled at 9:45 am at F45. My plan was solid. Or so I thought. 

The bouncers were giving me a hard time, telling me I was too late to join the reservation and that if I wanted to get in, I’d have to wait in the 40 person line. Thankfully, my friend pulled some strings and 15 minutes later I was no longer out in the freezing cold where I quickly regretted my decision to rock sneakers and inside a busy, loud, beer-aroma-filled environment where I once again wondered if I was 30 going on 80. Fast forward 5 minutes later and someone had handed me a tequila soda (drink of choice every time), I’m hugging some of the best girls I know and my jacket is thrown somewhere in a corner and feeling is slowly coming back to my toes. My plan of dipping out quickly dissipated and I decided to throw caution to the wind and stop worrying about how many hours of quality sleep I would get and instead ate Bunner’s rainbow birthday cake at a bar, took more shots of tequila than I’d like to admit, and danced the night away (ungracefully, let’s be real) while my friends and I celebrated our Apple Watch activity rings closing in on our goals thanks to our high-energy bouncing about. We laughed, we danced, we took questionable selfies and some girl even gave us attitude in the bathroom. We all felt like we were in our 20’s again. 

When I woke up though? That 20-something feeling was long gone and I definitely felt 30. The hangover was REAL. 

I’d like to take a minute to express gratitude for pre-workout, water, and extra strength Tylenol for getting me out of bed and to my workout, plus a huge nod to my boyfriend who came with me. Fitness is a non-negotiable, no matter how much tequila still coarsed through my system and I am so glad I went! I definitely didn’t feel 100% but was headed in the right direction. Next time you’re feeling rough, try to get some movement in, sweat it out and enjoy the endorphins for hours afterwards.

Today may not have been as productive as I would have liked, but the memories and quality hangs with three of my favorite gals makes it worth it. Plus, I made this bomb banana bread that you should try next time your bright yellow bananas start to go spotted. Recipe can be found here: https://cookieandkate.com/2015/healthy-banana-bread-recipe/ 


Next time you plan on using the Houdini move when you go out, give yourself 2 minutes without a game plan and see what happens. You might surprise yourself and realize a night out is sometimes better than sticking to your sleep schedule. Also, napping then becomes the most luxurious self-care activity.