Q & A with CEDAR Juice

This feature is a favourite of mine! CEDAR Juice is a product I discovered after my hot pilates class at a Loblaws just across the road, since then I have been enjoying their products as pre and post workouts. My personal favourite at the moment is their Activated Charcoal Lemon+Aide, it's a perfect detox. I hope after taking a look at this Q&A with responses from Calvin and Vipin from CEDAR Juice that you too enjoy their yummy and energizing juices, kombuchas and spreads. 


1) When was CEDAR Juice founded? Who is the creator behind it all? What is the story behind CEDAR Juice? Why was it started?

Having discovered the upcoming trend of juice cleanses in North America and Europe, Ashley and Dave started Cedar in Toronto in 2014. Their objective was to offer convenient and affordable plant-based nutrition for everyone. In the short span of four years, Cedar quickly grew to become the largest cold-pressed beverage brand in Canada. In August 2017, Cedar was acquired by GreenSpace Brands. GreenSpace was the perfect fit for Cedar with their mission to create products that inspire and improve lives through simple ingredients, traditional farming practices and innovative branding.

2) What CEDAR Juice products are currently distributed and what are their benefits?

We offer a wide range of non-GMO verified cold-pressed juices, smoothies, probiotic hydrators and lemonades. We also have some pretty fun flavours of certified organic Kombucha! Our juices are a convenient way to get extra fruit and vegetable servings into your diet, especially if you’re always on the go. Our smoothies have added fibre and plant-based pea protein which are important nutrients for your body. Our probiotic hydrators with vegan probiotic component are perfect for restoring your electrolytes after a yoga or gym session and pack a healthy kick for your digestive system! Our organic Kombucha also packs some powerful probiotics from the fermentation process and houses antioxidants and enzymes that help detoxify your body.

Kombucha .jpg

3) HIH promotes a healthy living and lifestyle, how does CEDAR Juice promote this as well?

We believe that healthy living comes from many different aspects of life, not just diet. We advocate for an active lifestyle and love partnering with yoga studios and fitness centres. We have also partnered with events like Ride for Cancer and Happy on Mondays to name a few in the past. 

4) What CEDAR Juice products are best to have pre or post workout?

CEDAR probiotic hydrators are best for staying hydrated with your workouts. Our smoothies contain plant-based protein and work well as a pre-workout snack or post recovery snack.

ProbioticHydrator (002).jpg

5) Where can you find CEDAR Juice products for purchase?

One of the most exciting things about CEDAR is that you can find us in the produce section of major retailers nationwide! We realize this is a different approach from most regional cold-pressed juice companies, but we believe everyone should have access to the benefits of cold-pressed plant-based nutrition. You can find our products at select stores of Loblaws, Walmart and Your Independent Grocer across Canada. In Ontario, we are also in Sobeys, No Frills, Fortino’s, Superstore, and Whole Foods as well as few independent chains.

6) What do you hope to see for the future of CEDAR Juice?

We look to continue maintaining CEDAR’s leadership in the market with our audience’s trust and support. We want to continue helping them discover new products for their health and wellness through Innovation! We can guarantee some new exciting products will be hitting the market soon, so be sure to follow us @cedarjuices on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates!