Ask yourself: What did you do today? What have you learned? How do you feel?


Hey HIH fam!

Just checking in.

Today marks Day 54 since I decided to give myself a belated New Year’s resolution and made a commitment to journaling. I originally set out to use it as a tool to encourage motivation, positivity, and alleviate some of the ideas that were overcrowding my thoughts with no other purpose than to feed my anxiety and the common habit of extreme overthinking. Then, I overthought how I was supposed to write in a journal.

Luckily, around that time my mom bought me a book similar to a Five Minute Journal that was all about getting your life and your mind in order. This was right before the Internet discovered Marie Kondo. It was the How-To guide to becoming a lightning rod of positivity just by committing to the bare minimum of less than a page a day. Yeah, I didn’t do it. The book is on a shelf collecting dust.

It’s not because the book wasn’t helpful. It just wasn’t written for me. (Literally. There were a lot of cat-lady references. I am severely allergic to those and am the proud owner of a 150 lbs Rottweiler mini-horse/ wannabe lap-dog…)

So to keep it as simple as possible, I came up with my own version.

How it Works - How to Organize Your Thoughts

  1. What did you do/create?

  2. What have you learned?

  3. How do you feel?

That’s it. Those are the three questions I ask and answer at the end of each day. Some days I write three to six long answers to each. Other days I write two words noting I actually ate breakfast that morning (or wished I did). There are even days when I don’t write in a journal, but scribble on a scrap piece of paper or used napkin to be thrown out right after.

I naturally became more compelled to celebrate small goals, spend more time meditating, and take bigger steps part of a Healthy is Hot approach to life. However, the most valuable effect of this kind of journaling wasn’t the commitment to myself, the easily manageable record-keeping, or even its positive influence, but the mindset it inspired.


What I Learned

Today marks Day 40 since I’ve started journaling.

In creating a habit of reflecting on my day-to-day, I noticed every day I learn something new. Whether it’s “empowered”, “inspired”, “excited”, “anxious”, “sad”, or sometimes even a little “lost”, I ended every day on a different note with a different feeling. (Light-bulb moment!) Suddenly, I wasn’t scrambling to balance everything all the time or freaking out about the future because the journal made it apparent that life is better taken day by day. It’s simple in theory, but sometimes we need a little reminding that life is better learned in practice. Today might be great or not-so-great, but tomorrow is going to bring something new. And that feeling alone pushes me to be a better creator and the best version of myself.

So before you go to bed, ask yourself: What did you do or create today? What have you learned? How do you feel? Make a little note. Then do it again tomorrow.