Change Your Mind, Change Your Health


Do you ever find yourself fighting against healthy habits? Resenting every step of the way as if you have no choice? That was me.

After reaching my heaviest weight back in 2014, I knew I had to do something about it – but simply making that choice wasn’t enough. There was always that negative association with diet and exercise, wishing that I didn’t have to work so hard in order to take care of myself. I felt trapped in a vicious cycle of gaining and losing the same amount of weight, as if there was no way out.

That all changed in 2018. My mindset completely shifted over the past year, and I personally have never felt better. I learned some lessons along the way, here’s how I changed my approach:

  1. Change the language of your inner dialogue. Instead of thinking “I wish I didn’t have to exercise”... my thoughts are now focused on being healthy as a form of self-care. The main thing I remember is, “I love how I feel when I eat healthy, it feels so good to take care of myself”. I don’t tell myself that I have to do anything; I focus on how good I feel because I want to feel healthy.

  2. Keep active in a way that you enjoy. This may sound so easy, but it goes along with tip #1, which is changing the “I have to” mindset to “I want to”. I’ve always loved dancing, so my workouts are always as close to dance as possible. Whether that’s through jogging to music, completing a Pilates video or simply stretching… I look forward to what I’m doing and that has made a huge difference.

  3. Be kind to yourself. Think about the way you would speak to a friend when they’re feeling down. Do you talk to yourself in that way? You aren’t going to always keep up with your good habits perfectly every single day, but treating yourself with kindness will help you bounce back and get you one step closer to reaching your goal.

2019 is officially upon us, don’t waste anymore time feeling down on yourself. This is your year. This is your year to stop standing in your own way; I promise you that your health is always worth it.

Stay healthy, stay happy,

Sofia Mattine