Chicago - not just deep dish and sports


Hi Healthy is Hot family! Chloe Wilde here. 

A big hello from the windy (yes, very windy) city of Chicago. My boyfriend’s celebrating a birthday and was craving an adventure where we could dip out to without travelling too far that had a cool art scene, great food, and cool architecture... We found decent flights and impulsively jumped on them. We were hoping to stay in the stunning Chicago Athletics Association Hotel but for whatever reason the prices doubled on the Monday and Tuesday night which got us wondering: do we spend more on a hotel and sacrifice the level of activities we’d be doing, or vice versa? Nice hotels are great (obviously), but we love going to museums, comedy shows, yummy restaurants and bars with elevated cocktails - so, it was an easy decision. We’d forego staying in a top notch hotel and find something more affordable so we could do all the things. We found a great airbnb in the Pilsen area that has quickly become our home away from home. It’s a minimalist, spacious loft with a huge kitchen in a cute neighbourhood. The best part about being in an airbnb is the fact that we get to play house, we aren’t forced to go out for every meal, the first thing we did when we arrived was hit up a grocery store to stock up the fridge so each morning could start with a healthy home cooked breakfast. 


When I started sharing that I’d be visiting Chicago, the same question kept popping up: how excited was I to try deep dish pizza? Truthfully, not that much. Chicago has so much more to offer than a pie essentially made of cheese - which is saying a lot considering how much I like cheese. 

What have I fallen in love with? Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Shopping: Little lady wanted to shop so we hit up the magnificent mile + vintage stores in our Pilsen Neighborhood 

Sweet treat: Birthday boy wanted a birthday treat so we popped into Sprinkles (our picks? Salty Caramel and Red Velvet)

Savoury treat: Garrett’s popcorn for Chicago mix snacks all day long in our backpack

Art indulgence: Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Institute and Wndr Museum 

Cocktails + bocce + pool: Chicago Athletics Association 

For a few laughs: The Comedy Bar

Live music: The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge 


This just scratches the surface, so I’ll make a thorough list when we have time to kill at the airport in case anyone finds themselves here! The thing I’m struggling with is the lack of fitness and #HIHmoments... but if I shift my perspective on this and try to be positive, this will allow my body a bit of a break so that when I’m back in Toronto I can dive back in feeling refreshed and motivated (due to the copious amounts of popcorn I’ll inevitably eat during my stay). 

Lesson here: sometimes when you go on holiday, it should be exactly that, a holiday. 

Today we’ve got a huge list of places we want to check, so time for me to get off my computer, all my love HIH fam!