My go-to podcasts for inspiration, beauty news, and guilty pleasure

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but I’m obsessed with podcasts. Friends have been telling me for the last couple of years to check them out and for one reason or another, it took me until last fall to actually download the app and dive in. Now that I have, I’m officially a podcast junkie, and listen to them constantly. Driving to work? Podcast. Taking transit downtown? Podcast. Making dinner? Podcast. You get the picture.

So, in the spirit of my new found love affair, here are a couple of my favourites!


1.       Breaking Beauty – hosted  by Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins

I am by no means a beauty expert, and have very little knowledge of how to apply anything more than my usual mascara, highlighter, and blush combo, but this podcast has become my weekly go-to. Jill and Carlene, both of who have been in the beauty industry for years, have found a way to make their show accessible and interesting to both beauty diehards and those just looking to learn more. They interview some of the biggest names in skin, hair and beauty, while keeping their listeners up-to-date on new trends with their “#TheGlowDown” episodes, where they talk about products they’re loving, and not so much. I’d say one of my favourite episodes is their interview with Emily Weiss, Glossier Founder and overall girl boss.

Fill Your Cup.jpg

2.       Fill Your Cup – hosted by Rachel Molenda

Rachel Molenda is a Holistic Nutritionist and Disordered and Emotional Eating Coach from Toronto, who I’ve been following on Insta for a while now, and when she announced that she was launching her own podcast I was ready for it.

Her show is focused on creating space for authentic, inspiring, and honest conversation about the importance of meeting your needs and showing up as the best version of yourself. Now, when someone launches a podcast, with no experience, things can be a bit bumpy but when you listen to Rachel, you’d think she’d been doing this for years. Fill Your Cup is now an official part of my weekend routine and I find it a great way to shake off that Sunday night angst that inevitably creeps up every week. 


3.       How I Built This – hosted by Guy Raz

I realize this is on everyone’s list of favourite podcasts, but it needed to be called out. I geek out over these stories and love that it feels like I’m getting an inside look into what it takes to create the companies we all engage with and buy from on a regular basis like Lululemon, Instagram, Rent the Runway, Chipotle, etc. It’s also a good reminder that everyone experiences failures and that most of these founders went through hell-and-back to create something they were passionate about. If I’m ever lacking in motivation or inspiration, this is my go-to.


4.       Uncover – CBC

Don’t judge me, but crime shows are a total guilty pleasure of mine. This one is an investigative series by CBC that explores some of the biggest and creepiest stories over the last few years. Season 1 covers NXIVM, an alleged sex cult. Season 2 dives into Canadian Pacific Flight 21, and this year’s season, titled The Village, is focused on the story of Bruce McArthur the countless missing or murdered men in Toronto’s gay community. This isn’t the happiest of podcasts but the investigative research and interviewing that goes into each series will leave you hooked you…if you’re into this kind of thing. 

I’d love to know what some of your favourite podcasts are, so make sure to leave them in the comments below!