My Go-To Products For My Nightly Routine


I am a huge fan of sleeping, and I love products that can help promote a good sleep.

Sleep is a crucial part of healing and your overall health, which is why I make sleep one of my wellness priorities.
Our body needs that time to heal and to rest, and when we neglect that base need we can see some very serious health issues.

Let me walk you through a few of the products that I would recommend that help me find deeper sleep!


I don’t know about you guys, but I need decent bedding for a good nights sleep. I got introduced to bamboo sheets a few years back and it is life changing. I sleep so much better too slipping into what feels like a cloud! Bedding can be so overpriced though, which is why I always look for the deals. I was able to snatch the bamboo sheets from Winners (love winners).

That being said, the most important thing regardless of what the sheets you are sleeping in is that you wash them frequently! Sheet and pillow cases absorb so much bacteria so making sure that you are sleeping in clean sheets is really important for your health.

In my routine I put lip balm on, followed by hand and foot cream. I use a local UK vegan and cruelty free brand called myroo, and these two products smell amazing! The bonus about myroo is that they have a full range of fragrance free products in case anyone is sensitive to smell.


Okay folks, we are no longer getting enough magnesium in our system naturally and this is a great alternative. Funny enough, I had never heard about magnesium spray until I moved to Edinburgh and went to a Juicing event where it was brought up. Magnesium spray is also very effective to reduce muscle aches, and cramping. I use it during my time of the month on my back to ease that oh so unbearable pain.
It also is available in flakes for those of us who are avid bath takers!


Anyone else love jade rolling? I find it so calming, which is why I like doing it in the evenings. It’s a nice little self care routine before drifting off to sleep.

I have become quite the fan of diffusers and pairing the perfect oil depending on what I need. I really like antibacterial diffusing oils for bed as it puts my mind at ease that I will be breathing in clean air. I really love using Immune by Saje, and I become a fan of Safe Air by Saje, which is one of their new products in the form of a room spray. I will spray that around all the rooms just before going to sleep to wake up to nice fresh space.

I use lavender in the evening to sooth my mind prior to sleeping. I don’t use it every night, but if I am feeling a little more restless going to bed the lavender will help settle my mind.


If you know, you know! In the winter I will always have a hot water bottle on standby. Of course, they are so useful for achy muscles and other pains, but I find them so comforting and make me really sleepy!


This may seem like a bit of a given, but I think it is always worth mentioning water! I always have water on my bedside table, and I always drink during the night. Yes, I also wake up to go pee in the middle of the night more often than not, but that doesn’t bother me because I love having that water next to me. 

Some other practices I have prior to bed are meditating, journaling, stretching, amongst others.  
I also aim to be in bed with enough time to be able to wind down and not feel pressured to fall asleep right away. I like to be in bed by 9:30 if I am working the next day to give myself that time to wind down and have at least 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep is so important to wellness, and if we are able to improve our environment to create better sleep…I am all for it! 

Sweet dreams HIH fam!

With happy vibes,

Mary-Catherine xx