Q & A with Meghan House

You might recognize Meghan House from The Bachelor Canada. She was known for her humour, her good ol' Newfie accent, and her kindness. Since her appearance on the show, Meghan's life has changed significantly. She is now happily in love and is on a brand new journey, as she is also pregnant!

For this month's article I chat with Meghan about the changes to her lifestyle within the past year, her daily routine, and her pregnancy journey.

1) Since appearing on The Bachelor Canada, have you noticed any changes in your life?

Since appearing on the Bachelor Canada I have noticed a big change in who I am as a person. The amount of love from people really meant a lot to me. I have overcome being less of an awkward person. I view myself now as a more vivacious confident gal than prior to going on the show. I have found love after the show as well, which was a huge life changer for me. I met my current boyfriend over a year ago now and we’re expecting a baby girl in early May 2019. If I hadn’t been on the show and him not knowing of me, my life could have possibly taken an alternate route. My journey has only just begun since being on The Bachelor Canada. I am very enthusiastic to see where my life will take me next. 


2) Judging by your Instagram, you seem to live a healthy lifestyle, what was your daily routine before your pregnancy?

My honest daily routine before I was pregnant would consist of drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep and eating a well balanced diet that is affiliated with my body. I eat very healthy, take vitamins and I walk a lot actually. I used to be very skinny and didn’t have much of a shape due to stress and a very harsh breakup which took a huge toll on my body. Until I started eating more and getting more of what my body needed, it responded and I ended up getting curves in all the right places. I did not go to the gym I only do at home workouts without weights. When I was working I was a server which burned a lot of calories as well with the running around, serving tables, and cleaning. My advice to people would be to find what works for you and stick with it. Consistency is key!

3) How has your daily routine changed since becoming pregnant?

My daily routine is still pretty much the same. I drink more milk however but I do not “eat for two”. Eating for two would cause my body to gain unnecessary weight. I eat enough for myself, baby girl is getting all the nutrients she needs from my diet. I still go for walks and do lighter exercises. Being almost 30 weeks pregnant I still have quite a small baby bump, which my gynecologist said is perfectly normal and healthy. Before I was pregnant I was 124 lbs right now I’m about 135 lbs. 


4) How have your energy levels and diet changed since the pregnancy?

My energy levels have gone down a bit since becoming pregnant, but that doesn’t stop me from being an active on-the-go person. My diet has not changed dramatically. I do have to drink more milk than I normally would like but that’s the extent of it considering my diet is already in place from before my pregnancy. 

5) You are very active on Instagram, do you have people reach out for advice from this platform? 

I do have people sometimes reach out to me to promote their business and such, but my Instagram is basically my personal life. I don’t get asked for advice on my platform.  I’m all about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I’d like to see it take off, but right now I’m so busy it feels like I never get any time to post the things I’d like to post anymore.


6) Do you have a plan once the baby arrives, perhaps to set a workout schedule or eating plan? 

I have actually already thought about that. So the plan is when she’s asleep or is on downtime that’s when it’s my turn to workout and take care of myself because you can’t take care of someone else until you’ve taken care of yourself first. Also her daddy will be there as well to take care of her while mama gets her own downtime. Your mental and physical self need love too. There will be no “set schedule” that’s not how I roll.

7) Do you have an inspiration (Family, friends, influencer) that motivates you with living a healthy lifestyle? If so, who?

I absolutely love Tammy Hembrow she’s a boss ass mama who has a good head on her shoulders. She has two little darlings and she still gets time to look as fabulous as she does. I aspire to be more like her. There are plenty of people who inspire me, but she’s the biggest motivator for sure. 

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