Power Down for a Better Sleep


If there is anything that I have struggled with lately, it’s turning off my mind when it’s time to go to sleep. Does anyone else have this same problem? It feels like all day there is an energy deficit, and I am so sleepy… but of course, night hits, and all of a sudden I am wide-awake.

This affects me the next day in a few ways.  Not only do I find it difficult to wake up, but I also hit a wall as soon as I get home from work where I feel the need to sleep right away. I have experienced this type of insomnia before during times of stress, and it’s easy to feel like this is out of my control.

But is it? There’s one suggested strategy I haven’t tried and that is powering off my electronics before sleeping. The stimulation from the screen’s blue light not only has been proven to disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, but studies have shown that it decreases overall melatonin production.  The suggested time is an hour before bedtime, but I intend to try 30 minutes at first and gradually work my way up to an hour.

To really feel the benefits, I want to implement this for 5 days during the workweek to see if I can notice any difference in the struggle to wake up on time. Of course, I will be reporting back to the Healthy is Hot Community with my findings. If anyone has any suggestions on what has helped during bouts of disrupted sleep, please leave a comment and I’d love to try it.

Look out for the results coming in April, along with any obstacles I face along the way.

Stay healthy, stay happy,