Podcast Prep!


Hello HIH family, Chloe Wilde here! 

I am very excited to share that we have been working hard behind-the-scenes on a special project that will share our sentiment that healthy is f*cking beautiful to the masses, through a PODCAST. That’s right, now you’ll be able to soak up HIH magic while walking to work, out on a jog, running errands or stuck on public transit. 

So... what can you get excited about? 

Conversations with bad-ass babes (and the occasional bad-ass man) about how they got to where they are, the highs & the lows, all while discussing elements of health throughout. Because if we take a step back and look at life - it doesn’t matter what you do, whether you are a musician, fashion designer, entrepreneur, marketing director or stay-at-home mom, health is a part of each of our stories. From physical health, to mental health and everything in between, everyone has a story and every story deserves to be told. 

Stories like... 

How stage 4 metastatic breast cancer doesn’t stop a 30 year old from living her best life. 

How meditation and travel gave an entrepreneur the mindset to continue building, when a massive burnout brought her to her knees. 

How a young musician found herself in the hospital from anxiety with a desire she couldn’t ignore: get healthy and apply a reality show to fulfill her dream of being an artist. 

...and many more. 

My favorite part about podcasting is the chillness of it all, rather than click-bait with hot headlines online or pretty images with short captions on social media, what sets podcasts apart is the freedom to have in-depth conversations rather than singular sound bites. We can dig deep, laugh, explore and unpack various stories and also share tips and tricks on how our guests navigate this crazy fast-paced life while continuing to make choices that prioritize health. 

Get ready to be inspired. 

Get ready to be entertained.

Get ready, because the Healthy Is Hot Podcast is coming to earbuds everywhere, very, VERY soon. In the meantime, if there’s someone you think would be dope on the podcast, let us know!