Why Being Healthy Means Something Different to Everyone

Have you ever been in a position where you looked at someone’s picture and thought to yourself, man I wish I was as healthy and fit as they are? This is something that is so common in our society. We are constantly seeing people’s best versions of their lives and we compare how we’re living to theirs. The secret is, not everyone’s life is perfect. Not everyone is healthy 24/7. What we need to understand in this age is that being “healthy” means something different for each person.

Each one of us is built differently. We have different bodies and with that comes knowing exactly what our body needs in order to feel healthy, mentally and physically. When it comes to being active we all have different endurance levels. Some can run a marathon, and some can just do short distances. Some can do killer HIIT workouts and some may prefer to just use machines. What’s so important to remember is that there is no way of comparing our “healthiness” to someone else when our journeys are so different.

Social media is the biggest culprit for comparing ourselves to the people we see online. We’re so quick to put ourselves down when we see someone working out or eating a healthy lunch and we aren’t. But it’s not reality. Sometimes we just want to eat a big bowl of pasta and sometimes we want to meal prep for the week. It’s all about being balanced. Balancing indulging in your favourite foods and also knowing that fueling your body with good food has endless positives. There will always be someone out there who is “healthier” than you, but you can’t let someone else’s definition of that affect the way you treat yourself and your body.

Every day we wake up and are given the ability to choose what goes into our bodies. Health is so personal and unique to each individual that it’s hard to constitute a one-for-all definition of being healthy. You have to do what works for your body and mind. Doing things at your own pace will bring you much farther than trying to keep up with someone who’s on a completely different health journey than you.

Learn to love where you’re at right now and remember that being healthy, in whatever you define that as is an ongoing process and only you can say which way it goes.