How To Build The Best Lower Body


Hey there, fit babes! Imma hit you with a real one today.

With so many social media moguls out there that seem like experts in “building the booty”, it’s pretty tough to know just WHAT exactly is going to give you the best results.

But, let’s be honest, it may be fun and exciting to try all these new exercises you see in Instagram videos, but if you haven’t mastered the basics, then you’re getting waaaaaayyyyyy ahead of yourself.

You see, if all you’re doing are these “fun” moves without concentrating on lifting HEAVY and correctly in your basic compound movements (like the squat, deadlift, etc.) for the majority of your workouts, then you’re 100% wasting your time.

That’s because those “pumper” moves (like clamshells, fire hydrants and donkey kicks) won’t actually work the main muscle groups enough to help you see the progress you want in the long run. (Seriously - they may look fun and exciting, and they may make you “feel the burn” just as much, sometimes MORE, than your basic lifts… but all of those moves just aren’t as crucial to your progress and performance as those compound lifts.)

That’s why, if you want to build the BEST lower body possible, it’s important to focus on trying to master these four basic moves. (Listed below!) Try incorporating these into your workouts every single week and record your progress over time, increase your weight and make sure you are actually getting stronger in these lifts as the weeks go on. (And let me tell ya, those glutes will start turning heads in no time!)

Here are some of the most effective compound movements for building the glutes:

  1. Barbell Squat

  2. Barbell Lunge (Split Squat)

  3. Barbell Sumo Deadlift

  4. Barbell Hip Thrust

Yep - that’s really it!

You can always try other variations of these four lifts to shake things up (like turning it into a single-leg deadlift instead of a Sumo Deadlift, or elevating your heels while performing the Barbell Squat.) Whatever you do, keep progressing in these four lifts and you’ll be well on your way toward developing the best looking lower body ever.

Go on and get those gains, girl!

With love and wellness,

Larissa Nicole


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