Happy One Year Anniversary to HIGSD!

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Hi fam! It's Nicole, creator and writer of the HOW I GET SH*T DONE series on Healthy is Hot. This week marks one year since kicking off the series! One year ago I was having dinner with my friend Madison Pizer. We were talking about our jobs and she was telling me about her multiple ventures, including her part-time at Aritizia and founding her own jewelry line where she makes all it herself. I found myself thinking to myself ‘how the hell does she get everything done in her freaking days with everything she’s got going on?’ And then I thought to myself that would actually be a really interesting thing to ask people. About a week later, I pitched the idea to HIH, asked Madison if she would be my first interview, and HIGSD was born! 

Today I wanted to celebrate the one year mark of this beloved series by showing you all 36 (and soon to be 37) of the interviews, and share a few of my favourite answers some of them have given! So let’s get into it!

My Favourite Answers from 2018-2019 

April 27, 2018 

Laura Davidson, Founder of MySweatStory.ca and the WHISTLE app & Adidas Canada ambassador  @mysweatstory 

Q: You also quit your full time job working for one of Canada’s top venture capital investors, Kevin O’Leary - that’s a huge leap. What do you credit as the thing that helped you stay positive at this time in your life?

A: Quitting my job wasn’t something I decided overnight. It had literally been years of me feeling this angst towards my career. I felt very under stimulated and was ultimately very disconnected from what I was doing on a daily basis. Transitioning into fitness allowed me to learn so much about myself and truly connect with who I was as a person, which made leaving my job feel like a massive weight was being lifted off my shoulders. By no means was this transition a difficult one.

May 4, 2019 

Mary Young, CEO and designer for Mary Young.com @itsmaryyoung 

Q: How do you stay positive (body positive, positive outlook on life) in your own life?

A: One of the best ways I stay positive is with self-affirmation, both within my internal thoughts and also by speaking aloud to myself. I'll often have conversations with myself in the mirror, referring to myself in the third person too, in a way that I'm my own hype girl. Our minds are extremely powerful and by having a positive mindset amidst everything going on is one of the only ways to keep me afloat.

July 20, 2018

Kayla Davis, personal trainer and founder of KDAVIS Fitness app. @kdavis_fitness 

Q: How do you pump up even the toughest clients? 

A: When my clients are struggling I try to get to the root cause, they could simply be having a bad day or maybe it goes way deeper than that. I take time to understand why they are feeling the way that they are and put together a plan and make adjustments where needed. Sometimes this means taking a step back, sometimes it means propelling them forward! I am all about creating a positive lifestyle change for my clients so when things aren’t positive we need to fix it!

To pump them up I remind them of all their small wins and successes! This could mean hitting a new personal best for one client, drinking more water for another or losing a couple inches. Regardless of the size, a win is a win!

August 3, 2018

Taylor Frankel, co-founder of NudeStix @Taylor_Frankel 

Q: Why do you think millennials gravitated towards your brand? 

I like to think of millennials as the new modern day woman. This woman is smart, savvy and on-the-go. She craves beauty that is real and authentic to her lifestyle — she wants to look like a better version of herself in five minutes! If it takes longer — she just won’t do her makeup at all. Also, I think it resonates with millennials because we are the generation of self-love and empowering woman to look and feel like the best version of themselves. Before Nudestix, brands catered to the “more is more” makeup or focused on solely complexion/skincare. There were no brands that were speaking to the modern day woman — now, the Nudestix girl!

February 1, 2019 

Beverley Cheng, Founder of Born to Sweat and fitness trainer @BeverleyCheng 

Q: You have total Instagram goals going on when it comes to taking photos, what advice to you give people when they compare themselves to others on Insta? 

A: Get off your phone and stop living your life through Instagram. People will post the best photos of themselves all day long because that is what captures attention. It’s also Instagrams JOB to keep you scrolling through their feeds. 99% of the time, what you see on social media is not authentic and it’s not real life. Everyone gets into their black hole of Instagram from time to time, but try not to make it a habit. It will make you unhappier in the long run, constantly playing the comparison game.

Rachael Hunt, Freedom coach and founder of GlutenFreedominc.com 

Q: What does ‘achieving freedom’ mean to you? 

A: Freedom for me extends to all areas of my life, so living my life unapologetically in a way that best serves me, while being mindful to the well-being of others.  It relates to my dietary restriction (hence, GlutenFreedom), travel, fitness, health & business!  It’s about changing and adapting as you need to live as authentically as possible!

Claudia Erban, Law Clerk and social media influencer, @urban.meets.erban 

Q: What does Healthy is Hot mean to you? 

A: When Chloe Wilde started using the hashtag I gravitated toward her.  It was a hashtag used to finally promote healthy as the new hot. You worked out? That’s hot. You took care of your body and fuelled it today? That’s hot. So, what it means to me is very similar to Chloe’s. Healthy is hot is about dedicating the time and sweat to giving our body what it needs and simultaneously changing our perceptions of our bodies to a more positive one. As we boost those endorphins and feel good about our commitment to ourselves, we being to see ourselves as the incredible human beings we are! And that’s what’s hot. Our dedication to loving ourselves and committing to ourselves.

Thank you so much to HIH for this wonderful year of interviewing empowering women! I love this platform and community so much! Can’t wait till see what 2019 brings.

(PS. Stay tuned for Friday’s VERY SPECIAL HIGSD interview with our founder CHLOE WILDE!!!) xo Nicole