Giving Your Goals a Spring Refresh With Expert Tips


Spring brings a sense of rejuvenation. Shaking ourselves off after a long, cold, dark winter. It’s time to get up and get after all the good things a little more sun and warmth inspire. 

Spring more so than other seasons personally spark a sense of a refresh and transition for me personally, more than New Year’s or any other time of year. In this spirit, and thanks to several inspiring panels, networking events and talks I’ve been to in the past few months, I wanted to gather some advice and inspiration from some of the boss babes I’ve met and connected with recently. They are experts and leaders in fitness, wellness, beauty, business and entrepreneurship.

In this season of transition here are some quick hits of inspiration to make this season yours.


On Goal SettingAlena Luciani, Strength and Conditioning Coach, founder of Training2XL

Alena: My advice to someone who would like to create new goals is to find a place to write/record them. Whether it's a notebook, a Word document on your computer, a memo in your phone, or even telling them to a friend – try to find a place where you can take the goals out of your head and record them for safe keeping. It may sound silly, but it's pretty incredible what happens when we put things out into the universe instead of keeping it trapped in our minds. 

Once you write down that goal, ask yourself WHY? When we create clarity around our WHY it makes the process and the steps towards our goal that much easier. Finally, find an accountability partner – someone to say your goals out loud to and someone that will check in with you and keep you honest.

Q: What advice would you give someone who maybe needs inspiration/a new approach to goals they haven't yet achieved?

Alena: Go on a coffee date with someone who brings out the best in you – someone who inspires you, pushes you and loves you. Someone that you can have deep conversations with or someone you perhaps don't know very well but want to learn more about. It's always refreshing to have an open conversation with another person and that always seems to spark something... If you're more of a visual person, take a peak through Pinterest, travel magazines, newspapers, etc. to find some visual inspiration. 

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On giving your nutrition and fitness routine a refreshJennifer Lau Principal at FitSquad
Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Nike Master Trainer

Jennifer: In terms of nutrition, I less often prescribe a cleanse or any type of extreme diet. A great way to kick off a refresh would be to eliminate the top five allergens; corn, soy, dairy, gluten, eggs. In addition, avoid refined sugars, including alcohol. This will benefit digestion and a great way to do a little “spring cleaning”.

With regards to fitness, try adding something new. Perhaps a run 1-2 times per week, a yoga class, or a session in the pool. Spring is a natural time for renewal so take advantage of the additional sunlight and increased energy!

Q: What advice would you give someone who maybe needs inspiration for new nutrition and fitness goals?

Jennifer: At Fit Squad, we strongly feel that nutrition and fitness goals should be measured more by improvements in overall health and performance rather than aesthetics. How is your energy level? How is your sleep? Have you addressed any digestive upsets? What has been your progression with regards to your deadlift, squat or 1-mile run time?

Set performance goals over aesthetic goals – the latter becomes side effects of the first.

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On careers and side hustlesCaleigh Rykiss, Founder & CEO of BodyLove Inc.

Caleigh: Put down the to-do list and do some serious introspection about what you’re doing and how you can make it more fulfilling. Ask yourself – do you feel good at the end of a day? Is your entire “toolbox” being used? Do you feel fulfilled?

These questions allow us to discover more about ourselves and decide if we’re truly happy and feeling passionate about what we're doing. If not, ask how you can create new goals within your current role – everything from wanting a raise, to taking on different responsibilities. If these things aren't options – another option is starting a side project, something that fills your cup creatively, socially and intellectually. (Think: volunteering, offering content to a digital platform, crafting, selling an online product.)

Q: What advice would you give someone who has a side hustle or passion they've been hesitating to explore?

Caleigh: Go for it! As someone who turned a side hustle and hobby into a major new career (going from TV producer to gym owner) – it is the best thing you can ever explore. Take your time, though. It's important to allow your side project to mature (and have a solid business plan) before you take it full time. Even if you're not looking to make the full-time shift, side-hustles can be an amazing way to infuse passion and fulfillment into your life without taking major risk. Explore all your options and never feel limited – the world is our oyster. Cheesy, but true.


On hair and a new look for SpringLoriebelle Nestor, Master Stylist, Salon Owner of HairLove Studio Inc.

Loriebelle: When in need of a new, fresh look there’s some key elements I always ask my clients to consider. First what’s makes them feel “bored” about their current look and how much time they put into it. Second, are you open for change? Do you want a Trendy or Classic look? Third is showing visuals to find a style that fits their face shape and lifestyle.

Then fourth, definitely playing with colour, adding brightness or depth right away, finishing a look making it fresh and polished. I love refreshing looks as season’s change; Spring time, fresh bold hair cuts and shine in colour, summer – bright lighter tones of Highlights or Balayage. 

Q: What advice do you give clients who maybe share insecurities about their look/image? And what do you do if they're looking for something too drastic? 

Loriebelle: Everyone has insecurities, in fact your hair becomes apart of your identity or security blanket, so we always have a thorough consultation with each client before we start.  With inspiration pictures of what they like and don’t like, we consider their budgets, their time and lifestyle. We always try to find a look that suits our client’s face shape and reflects on their personality as well. We will always give our professional opinion if clients expectations are out of reach … our goal is always to make our clients feel good about themselves after every visit. Nothing more rewarding than cut or colouring a guest’s hair and them leaving feeling their best! 

(In Spring) we see a lot of hair donations with clients willing to cut off more than 6-8 inches of hair for a worthy cause. It’s such a beautiful ceremony watching those clients feel liberated and paying it forward to someone in need.