My Skincare Journey

I have become more and more comfortable in the last year to discuss my skincare journey, and I believe that is due to the fact that I have sought help for my skin. 

Something else I have tried to do is talk about my skin in a more positive manner, because at one point it was really affecting me negatively. I am now trying to steer away from negative words such as “skin issues” or “skin problems” because that wasn’t helping me. 

I talk about my skin and I being on a journey together, and I would love to share my journey with you all. 

To give you the full picture, let’s go back a few years.

In high school my skin wasn’t perfect, but it also wasn’t bad. Had the odd breakout and blackheads, but nothing that really stands out while looking back on those times.
My skin took a turn for the worst when I started to work full time in 2014 with my preschoolers funny enough, and it’s actually not surprising as preschoolers love to touch your face and who knows where those hands have been. 

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence, however, that my health also started to deteriorate around that time, as I truly believe that your skin is a reflection of within. 

I was lucky enough to have been going to the same beauty therapist since I was in high school, and she had seen my skin’s progression. She got me started on more regular facials. I was not one to get facials too often, but the more I looked into it the more I realized how important they seemed to be. I started to get a facial a season (so four a year). As my skin started to break out more, and became more sensitive, I was advised to try some chemical peels.  The first one I did was amazing. I had some scarring that cleared up quite dramatically, and what blemishes I did have reduced in size. I was so pleased with these results, but the downside was that I could not be in he sun for a little while after the peel and my skin was actually peeling off. I did a few more peels, but the last one, which was a pretty heavy duty one and scared me a bit as the peeling was quite impressive. I didn't feel comfortable being out in public, and the healing took a little longer than normal. All that to say, I have not done a heavy-duty peel like that one since. 

I was however increasing the frequency of facials, and in my last year living in Canada I was probably getting a facial every two months. At this point I was also changing my lifestyle, as I was more aware of my health and how to nurture it. I was taking probiotics, I was exercising more, and eating more intuitively. 

I had also been diagnosed with parasites, which reeked havoc in my body, and I just blame everything on them. 

When I moved to Scotland I had made facials part of my wellness regiment, and it was still a priority. I then was lucky enough to work at a spa where I was able to get a staff discount (hello!), and I was getting a facial every month. I was doing the ELEMIS Biotec facial and it’s amazing. 

As you can see in those before and after pictures, my skin has made quite the recovery. 

I have also found some products that seem to really work with my skin, however every skin is different and although I have seen some benefits with these products it may not work for everyone! If you are looking for a great resource to find out what kind of products would be best for you I would recommend you check out my book review of The Skincare Bible.

In case you are curious here are my morning routine products: 


Here are my nighttime products


And if I am in need of some extra healing: 


The products I absolutely love are my Murad Blemish Control cleanser and the ELEMIS peptide4 night cream-oil. 

You will notice I have added my before and after pictures as I am quite proud of my journey. Just like going to the gym, your skin needs time and work. You should not expect to see results after one facial just as you would not see results after one workout. 


Other tips to help heal your skin: 

  • Wash your phone frequently

  • Change pillow cases weekly

  • Avoid touching your face 

  • Wear SPF

  • Always wash your face before going to sleep 

With happy vibes, 

Mary-Catherine Doran