Balancing Fitness and School

Some days it can feel hard to get up and do a workout. As a student, my days are filled with long lectures and lots of assignments. Sometimes fitness can take a backseat. But lately I’ve gotten into a routine that allows me to balance being active and getting all of my school work done. Things can get crazy and I forget just how important it is to keep my body moving and how much better and more focused I feel when I get some type of physical activity in during my day. Here are some of my tips for balancing fitness and school.


Knowing when and what type of workout I want to do beforehand makes working out a lot easier. I don’t sit around and debate whether or not I want to do it. On most days I will use the Bowflex machine I have in my basement and other days I’ll do body weight and strength training exercises. I try to change things up so I don’t get too bored of doing the same thing.

Know What Works Best

If working out everyday is something that you can work in to your schedule that is amazing! For me, there are some days that I’m at school really late and don’t think that working out my already tired body is a good idea. I usually aim to workout 3-4 times a week. I have Mondays off and Tuesday’s classes finish early so those 2 days are my for sure days I know I will work out. Knowing what works best for your body is key when trying to balance your fitness and school.

Listen To Your Body

Some weeks can be crazier and more stressful than usual and when that happens, your body is the first thing to take the hit. Remember that missing a workout isn’t the end of the world. It’s not a failure because you are listening to what your body needs at that moment. Taking care of your body is super important because it’s the only one we are given.



Wanting to do killer workouts everyday is amazing motivation but remember to take days to rest. If you consistently do hard workouts it can strain your muscles and cause injuries in the future. Being in school also adds another aspect of stressful assignments and tests. So, taking time to rest your body will only make you stronger in your body and mind.

Learning the balance between being active and school can be hard but once you get into a routine and also take time to yourself, you will discover just how great it is to get into a fitness routine!