Prep Your Skin For Warmer Weather With Pro Tips


There’s always a lot more skin when there’s a little more sun out, but is your skin warm weather-ready?

As we shed the layers and transition into brighter colours and lighter clothing, switching up the skincare game should also be in mind. With warmer weather, we can expect more moisture in the air and of course, some Vitamin D, these means some slight adjustments to the products we use and how we treat our skin.

“One way to welcome spring is to exfoliate! This will help get rid of all the dry cells that accumulated throughout the winter and prepare our skin to accept more natural moisture,” said Liraz Jacoby, Professional Makeup Artist.

“You might want to transition into a lighter moisturizer as your skin won’t require as many oils, but still pay attention to hydration.”

One of the biggest mistakes people make is misunderstanding the different between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Dehydrated skin lacks water and therefore needs to be hydrated. Dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized.

When transitioning into warmer weather, Jacoby says we have to understand what our skin is lacking. 

“Summertime dryness is different than wintertime dryness. In the summer the skin needs hydrating ingredients that are light, cooling, and soothing,” she said.

Adjust your skincare routine according to your skin type. Here are a few of Jacoby’s tips:

For Oily skin

For oily skin, I would recommend focusing on hydration rather than extra moisture since the skin is already oily. Toner is a great addition to a routine alongside a hydrating serum.

Normal Skin

During spring, I would add a balanced moisturizer and consider supplementing with a light serum once hot summer days arrive. 

Dry Skin

Having dry skin will require us to take action and make sure the skin gets all the hydration and moisture it requires. Balancing our PH levels is great therefore a toner is highly recommended alongside serum and moisturizer.

Liraz Jacoby’s product must-haves for Spring and Summer


Sunscreen is a must year-round, but especially in the warmer months when are more exposed to the sun. Check the SPF and apply at least 30 minutes before stepping out, if applying makeup allow sometime for the sunscreen to settle in first.

 Face Was

As we move from winter to summer, we should remember that our face wash has to change. In winter, a nourishing cleanser is great for the skin. In summer, opt for a face wash that can draw out the excess oil from your skin. If you have dry or combination skin, consider using a non-foaming cleanser.


Invest in a good antioxidant serum during the summer. Not only does an antioxidant serum hydrate your skin, but it can also protect your skin from environmental damage. It helps to boost collagen production and prevent skin damage.

 Hydration mask

A good hydrating mask can be used a few times a week as it will repair, rehydrate, and soothe your skin. A mask can treat specific skin conditions like dryness, acne, oil, etc.


Exfoliation is the key to brighter and smoother skin. It removes dulling skin debris and piled up dead cells which prevent the skin from breathing and can congest the skin. A great at-home exfoliation I recommend is by using coffee grounds mixed with oil and sea salt.