How I Get Sh*t Done : Meghan Brown

If you follow fitness influencer Rebecca Louise’s workouts, you might recognize our HIGSD interviewee this week! Meet Meghan Brown, a health and empowerment coach based in Los Angeles! She also works very close to Rebecca Louise, and is now officially a trainer for her BURN app! This week, we talk to Meghan about how she got the gig with Rebecca, what made her make a career switch from engineer to fitness coach and so much more!

Q: It’s your average day, what does your morning routine look like?

A: My day typically starts at 6am and I love to workout first thing! First, I will make time for my 5x routine: inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5s, exhale for 5s and repeat 5 times. This is a chance to set the intention for the day, clear your head and get ready to make a massive impact. Then I get my gear on, take my pre-workout and off I go! Around 8am I’m at my desk - I get to run my online health coaching business from home, which I love - and I always take a healthy protein smoothie every morning without fail. Best way to start the day and boost your metabolism from minute one!

Q: Tells us what your role is as a health and empowerment coach?

A: My role entails coaching and mentoring others to reach their goals. I believe so much in this program - it did wonders for me because I was in a really bad place with eating disorders, excessive drinking and an awful mindset before I surrounded myself with like-minded people looking to help others and lead by example. Truthfully, when I met my mentor and she got me started on a nutrition plan, it changed my life! So if I can do the same for even just one other person out there, I will search the world to find them! I work with my clients on personal plans with a major focus on nutrition and we have an awesome online community and weekly video calls to keep everyone fired-up and excited about their journeys!

Q: What are your values when it comes to coaching?

A: I value determination and honesty- whether that is as a client of mine, or as one of my coaches. It is so key to be self-motivated and willing to work with me on YOUR goals. At the end of the day; the best results are from the people who trust the process and are ready to dive right in with me!

Q: You actually have a Masters degree in engineering! So cool! What made you change careers?

A: So I really want the message here to be “follow your dreams” because I did love my degree - Engineers are problem-solvers - but there were aspects that didn’t suit me and my personality. When you wake up desperate for your work day to be over so you can get to the gym or hang out with friends….

 I feel that’s a sign that your “work” isn’t your passion! Now in my role as a coach I am working with amazing people all over the world, celebrating their results, leading fit camps, filming workouts, rallying my community to get healthier etc. and YES I have faced rejection as well as judgement for turning away from the Engineering world, but I know that I will better serve people through what I do now, and no one should ever feel the need to justify a career choice that truly makes them happy and serves others.


Q: How did you get involved with working with fitness and wellness coach Rebecca Louise? 

A: I was (and still am) a huge fan of Rebecca-Louise and her brand! After 4 years doing her YouTube workouts I went to a Fit Camp she was hosting in Southern California. I arrived early (a huge tip there, by the way!) went straight up to her and asked if she needed a pair of extra hands or had any openings for assistants. This was so I could see for myself what she was doing to be so successful and for me to gain exposure to her lifestyle as a fitness influencer making that level of impact. The next day she invited me down to her house and we’ve literally talked and worked together every day over the past year and have collaborated on so much! I now get to be an official trainer with her BURN app which is awesome!

Q: What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on?

A: I love cardio and HIIT training - that’s what I teach through the BURN app. Every day I like to get about 20 mins of HIIT in followed by some strength training and of course a post-workout recovery shake which makes it all worth it! For time-convenience when I’m working out just for me and not leading a group I do so from home where I have my 15 and 25 lb dumbbells and I follow all my fave YouTube athletes so I can stay inspired by new routines, follow along in real-time and really push myself!

Q: What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long week?

A: I must admit I’m a big movie fan! So when I dedicate time to relaxing I do like to just put my PJs on and watch a good movie on the couch with my hubby. If it’s my turn to pick the movie ;) I tend to choose one that I’ve seen before because that way I know I’ll love it! Basically anything with Jennifer Aniston, I love a feel-good Romcom, or something with good old British humor because it reminds me of home.

Q: What’s your bedtime routine look like?

A: Unwinding about 1 hour before bed is so good for your sleep quality! So I like to put on a smooth jazz playlist, wash my face using my Instant Reveal Berry Scrub and get ready for bed while reflecting on the day and planning the next one. Typically if I still have some  clients to follow-up with, I’ll put the blue-light filter on my phone so that it’s dimmer and I’ll finish things up from in bed. I actually love to listen to the RISE Together podcast by Rachel and Dave Hollis while I drift off to sleep. They are so lovely, down to earth and very successful role models so it’s a win-win to listen to their tips and good humor while I drift into a good sleep around 10:30 pm.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice Rebecca Louise has given you?

A: There is so much to choose from but I have to say it’s: “Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.” Simple and effective when it comes to enhancing your mindset. 

Q: What does Healthy is Hot mean to  you?

A: For me: this is a representation of embracing HEALTH and not appearance or ability or background. I fell into that size zero craze and was diagnosed with anorexia at age 14 so to have a community and a movement with this title blazing the trail toward a future where  health and being fit and strong is ATTRACTIVE… it’s everything to me and I hope we can all influence everybody out there!

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