How to Live Passions Your Younger Self Adored


What's the best part about long weekends and vacation time? The obvious answers are sleeping in, no alarm, no work clothes, hitting the gym sans a crowd. For me it's some of that. But it's also about making time to get lost in passions I adored when I was younger. 

My passions when I was younger (as in teens to 20s) included getting lost in museums and galleries for hours, hunting book stores and antique markets, wandering neighbourhoods I've always wanted to see, and checking out one of a kind jewellery, sporting goods, or art stores for life inspiration. You get the idea. Getting lost for hours in stacks and aisles fuelled my creative energy.

Sounds simple enough to keep doing as we get older, right? Sure. Then that little thing called 'adulting' happens and you lose your compass. I for damn sure did.  While my love for art, books, sneakers and galleries never went away. It didn't just take a back seat. I relegated them to the dusty box in the corner of my life attic. I became way more interested in work, activities associated with work and keeping up with the Jenna's, Camille's and Anna's. In total b* ways too. I focused more on work praise, colleague kudos, promotions, the "it" purse, etc. See a pattern? I focused more on work and less on my passions.

It wasn't until a number of years ago, during a late nite work session at a company with no soul, that a revelation smacked me in the back of my head. The day before, a kind human and former colleague came into work midweek and quit on the spot. No YouTube style drama-filled exit. He walked into the bosses office, quit and said he was going to a non-profit that gave him joy, and was going to focus on small pleasures and passions that made him happy daily. That simple. I talked to him a few days later and he said to me "You need to grab those simple pleasures and passions you used to love and channel them every damn day - however you can, whenever you can".

Truer words have never been shared with me. He gave me examples that to this day I stand by, do often and pass on to friends:

  • On long weekends and vacations take your watch off...and get lost for hours doing something you've always loved

  • At the gallery or museum check a map for fave pieces but wander and be surprised around every corner 

  • In book stores find a cozy spot that's hopefully sun-filled and art-filled and flip thru the stacks

  • In museums seek out a docent who likes to chat and ask tons of questions (...they offer insider info every time!)

  • In one of a kind shops always circle the aisles 2-3 times, you'll always see something you missed (i.e.: the vintage Hermes cuff I missed the first two times in Paris)

  • Check out city guides (at home or on vaca) but only 1--2 days before heading out...thats when the cool surprises that are your passions tend to pop on your radar

  • Don't buy the book or magazine, IG or Pinterest your faves and create an inspiration Boards that reflect your passions (I have a dozen).

And while you are at it, use that creative inspiration that makes your stomach flutter and translate it to your day gig to make it more interesting. Trust me it works. You'll see work with a whole new set of eyes.

Living your passions whenever you can will breathe fresh air into your weekly routine, give you perspective about what really matters to you, and also help you see more clearly where you want to spend your energies. 

For me that means almost no weekend laptop time, but instead all art gazing, vintage jewellery browsing and scratching my sneakerhead itch, just to name a few passions. I'm all about living the passions of my younger self...and my 17 year old self would totally agree.