Join the MoveCamp Movement

Imagine the greatest workout with your closest friends on the lawn of Parliament Hill in our Nation’s Capital. Well MoveCamp, along with its partners, is bringing just that on June 1st. In celebration of National Health and Fitness Day, the MoveCamp team is rounding up as many people as possible for free Fitness Mashup workout on Parliament Hill from 10am-11am.

Over the last couple of months, I have had the chance to get to know Mia St-Aubin, founder of MoveCamp. I reached out to Mia because I loved what she and her team are bringing to the community and I felt that MoveCamp’s message is one that aligns very well with Healthy is Hot. After phone meetings, emails and brainstorming we knew a MoveCamp + HIH collaboration was necessary. Check out our recent interview below.

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What is MoveCamp?

MoveCamp is a movement.

A mission to change the way we look at health and fitness.

To disrupt an industry that feeds off of people’s pain points, shaming them about their health only to sell the latest fad diet.

MoveCamp is a community where we get to celebrate movement, move together and create a group of inspired individuals who are ready to learn, who are ready to be a part of their health and fitness journeys.

What inspired the creation of MoveCamp?

MoveCamp was inspired by my own rock bottom. In 2014 I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and was, in my personal life, at the starting blocks again, having to start everything all over again, building my business, my finances, and my personal success back up, from the ground up.

MoveCamp, in the beginning was something I wanted to do to give back, to make a splash, but it ended up being what saved me from the most challenging moments in my life.

I’ll never forget being in my best friend’s kitchen with her, as she said, “you know, I really think this is going to be something big, something that really sets you a apart and makes a difference”.

MoveCamp is the manifestation of our vision to encourage communities to stop dieting, to change the way we look at health and fitness and to highlight the brands, practitioners, wellness professionals, and wellness companies who are fighting the food fight and teaching others how to truly take care of their bodies.

Who is on your team and what do they bring to the table?

Years ago when I began the movement, I would journal “I am so happy and grateful for my team, I am so happy and grateful for my team” I pictured them, and I was grateful for them before they even showed up. And then one by one, like magic they each entered into my life.

This year we held our first MoveCert - certifying our newest round of coaches, and together we make up the MoveCamp team.

These are all volunteer community leaders who make this project possible. They all contribute in different ways and I will forever have trouble finding the words to truly express what they each mean to me. Without them, I personally wouldn’t be able to fully see my dream through.

They each bring something different, but what they all bring is so much heart and selflessness, they each just want to help. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and they want to help our nation be better.

I am beyond blessed to call them my teammates. They are: Jessica Chiarello (Managing Director/Head Coach), Samantha Moonsammy (Advisor and National Event Planner), Crystal Yukich, Yves Lanthier, Lydia Di Francesco, Sara German, Sarah Whiston, Stephen Bierbrier, Ryan Onifrichuk, Kenny Caceros, Jenna Ladd, Kristie Kroes and our admin staff Lisa Wolfgram and Elisabeth Hass.

Tell us about the upcoming Fitness MashUp.

The MoveCo Fitness MashUp is a celebration for National Health and Fitness Day

Partnered with this amazing national campaign, our focus is to help fulfill their mandate which is to make Canada the fittest nation on Earth.

It will be the largest collaborative fitness event Ottawa has ever seen and we are so grateful to be working with so many amazing fitness platforms in this community, including: @uvufitness, @thefitnesslabottawa, @ottcityrunclub, @novprojectottawa, @fiithouse, @tonygrecotg, @bodiesbyphil613, @stadiumworkout, @arboretumhillclub, @ironnorthstudio, @sweatspott,, @movecampcanada.

Who have you partnered with and why?

Once I realized we were onto something with MoveCamp, I founded the company MoveCollective which is the healthy hub for activities, experiences and events across Canada. What I wanted to do with this platform is work and partner with brands who are truly making a difference with the way we eat, with the products that we use, with the education that we put in our heads. I wanted to work with professionals whose main focus is to make Canadians healthy rather than just sell them a pill or a quick fix.

The focus in working with our partners is to override outdated messaging “ie. no pain no gain” that is doing more harm than good and to actually educate communities.

We are proud to work with our partners throughout the season and every year at our conference MoveCon.

I personally endorse, use and support each and every one of these companies, and am so proud to do so! Our partners include: Green Beaver, Lorna Jane, Iron North Studio, truLOCAL, Genuine Health, Flow, Four Sigmatic, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, Reebok, Unsung Hero, The New HOT 89.9.

What is fitness for you?

Everything. Movement, mindfulness practice, self-love, health. Fitness is more than having a six pack it is actually about feeling good which I believe we have lost sight of. In my practice as a Holistic Health Coach I have come across more people who have no idea what feeling good even means and I’ve experienced this myself first hand when I was over trained, over stressed and then diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Fitness is about enjoying what you love to do, getting outside and being grateful that you have a body that can move.

Where can we expect to see MoveCamp in the future?

Across the country! Since launching MoveCamp we have grown our parent company, MoveCollective - this is the healthy hub for activities experiences and events across Canada, which MoveCamp being our signature event. We are making a statement with our 45 minute bodyweight lunchtime workouts. This summer we are making moves into Toronto and Montreal to launch the program in these cities, and then from there we will make our way across Canada, hitting up all major cities, as we move together at Canadian Landmarks. We are on a mission to make Canada the fittest nation on Earth!

If I say Healthy is Hot, what comes to mind for you?

What should be currently trending. Where we need to put our effort, time and money. Healthy should be the focus and it should be what we teach. Healthy is hot is HOT! This is a message that needs to be promoted everywhere, it’s one thing to see a hot instagram photo and want to look that way - but it’s another to actually want to FEEL better, to feel happy and to actually live a healthy, active lifestyle where you feel great!