We covered the North, but what about the South of Ireland?

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Hello Fam! 

I have a new location for you to add to your travel bucket list… the Republic of Ireland! 

I have been so fortunate to be able to visit Ireland several times. As some of you may recall from previous posts, my family is from Co. Down and I spent a lot of my summers in Ireland (up North mostly), but did have the chance to go down south a few times. 

In most recent years I have used Dublin as my connecting city and have gone on a few trips with friends to Dublin. 

Small anecdote about one of my most recent trips to Dublin, I had forgotten my backpack in a small breakfast spot in the heart of the city and realized it about 40 minutes after leaving. It was also the day that Joe Biden was visiting the city, and subsequently shutting down all the landmarks I wanted to show my friend MP who was with me. I realized I left my bag, which contained my iPad and my camera and BOLTED. Unfortunately, this chaotic run caused a bit of a scene with the police on hand for the Biden visit, as well as his own security. I did however manage to get my backpack back with all my belongings, so all was fine! 

These are a few of my favourite spots that I would recommend for you to check out if you are in Ireland for a few days.

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Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is immersed in history and art. Dublin was home to many authors such as Oscar Wilde (a personal favourite and pictured), and James Joyce to name a few.

Dublin was also home to quite the war zone during the Easter Rising of 1916. You will still be able to see some bullet holes in buildings such as the Post Office. The Easter Rising was their war of independence from British Rule, and it demolished the city. I would highly recommend taking a tour that explains what happened. 

Dublin offers many different types of tours, which will dive into the history of the city.
Fun fact: if anyone is a fan of Guinness you will find it tastes better in Ireland, but more specifically in Dublin as it is brewed there and doesn't travel well!


Folks, Galway is AH-MAY-ZING! Such a beautiful spot to visit and so lively! The best part of visiting Galway is the live music.

The vibe of the city is just magical and would absolutely recommend you to visit. 

Aran Islands 

The Aran Islands are a few islands off the coast of Galway, which are absolutely beautiful, and have white sandy beaches? Yep. The best way to tour the Islands is by bike!

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Cliffs of Moher 

These cliffs are pretty legendary and, if you are afraid of heights, terrifying. It's a nice hike up to get the view of the cliffs, and is absolutely worth seeing. 

SAFETY NOTICE: I do regret doing something while at the cliffs. My two friends and I decided to sit on the edge of the cliffs and get pictures taken, and although the pictures are great- it was dangerous. Those cliff edges are not reinforced, and it is a long way down if something were to happen. Safety first friends! 

To be honest, these are only a few things to do in a beautiful country. I hope you get a chance to visit Ireland soon! 

With happy vibes, 

Mary-Catherine xx