Book Review: Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis


Rachel Hollis’s writing is something special. She’s the type of author that makes you feel like you’re talking to a friend. Not just any friend though, the friend that sees you for who you really are and wants you to live to your best potential. 

Girl, Stop Apologizing has a tagline on the cover: “A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals”. It just took one word for me to realize that I needed to read more. Any guesses as to what that word was?


Shame is a powerful feeling. Couple that with fear and you’ll find yourself living a life filled with regret and insecurity. Rachel divides this book into three parts and that’s what makes it different than most of the self-help books I read. Each part preps you for the next, with actionable steps and lessons. Here’s what you can expect from her book’s message: 

Part 1: Excuses to Let Go Of 

What lies are you telling yourself? Why are these stories so powerful that they can rule your life? Identifying what’s holding me back was the first part of the book that truly opened my eyes.

Part 2: Behaviours to Adopt

Alright, I know what’s holding me back… now what? Part 2 of Girl, Stop Apologizing spells out the habits for success. If you’re letting go of the bad, it’s just as important to replace them with behaviour that will lead you on the right path. 

Part 3: Skills to Acquire

Here’s the good news about this section. Rachel guides you through techniques that you can learn and master. “Skills to Acquire” has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with training yourself to becoming an expert in taking control of your own life.

Without giving too much away, I hope it’s blatantly obvious that I love this book. 

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Stay healthy, stay happy,