How I Revived My Inner Diva Post Injury 


We’ve all had some version of an aha moment. When that spark of the imagination is ignited. Oprah has had a zillion of them, as have most people....or have they? Don't be so sure. I think I've had a couple mini (emphasis on mini) aha moments in my life to date. But it wasn’t until I broke my foot and was forced to slow waaaay down did I have a legit aha moment. I found my inner diva...who I now adore.

First off, my injury was not a fab super girl story that inspired the change. I broke my foot walking down stairs at work. It was a simple, everyday act that resulted in a major body trauma. It forced me to slow down, have said ‘aha moment’ and find my inner diva...ok scratch that, she found me. There's nothing like hobbling around for almost 4 months with a 3 pound plastic cast on your leg to make you slow way down and get introspective.

Now I'm pretty sure my inner diva was waiting for the right time to reintroduce herself to me. And I'm so glad she did. Having to stop and do nothing but recover gave me time think about what made me happy on the daily, who made me happy, what was an energy and soul suck on my life, and ask myself honestly if I am living the best version of me. So, I made a checklist of what made me happy, I mean REALLY happy, what was draining me, where I want to be short-term and long-term and what would feed my inner diva. Not the high maintenance version - yuck no thanks - the own it, get it girl, shine bright, show off your confidence daily, living my best life.

By the time my cast came off and physio started I'd already begun to let my diva take main stage in small and big ways. To thank my body for being resilient I started pilates and chiro almost immediately. Before my injury I had started to revive my #SneakerGirl passion from my teens. With the cast off I dove right back into my curated sneaker passion to take care of my healing foot. Hey, my physiotherapist said "learn to love sneakers again not sky high heels", so I have! I started to accept compliments without feeling the need to explain myself (I lost 15 lbs wearing the cast). I also started to give compliments daily. Even better, I started to actively take back my time at work, say no and mean it, flirt with the hottie at work, on the train, at the pop-up, in the bookstore. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Need a few ideas to revive your inner diva?  Well don't break a limb, that's the painful route. Do own the following diva do's in your life each and every day:

  • Rush for no one, your time is your time.

  • Expect the best, you deserve it!

  • Don't apologize if you don't mean it...but be sincere when you do.

  • Treat your self monthly because you can and want to.

  • Accept compliments, you deserve it! 

  • Love what you see in the mirror, clothes on or off.

  • Feed your passion for food, travel, bling, pashminas, sky high heels, or sneakers like me, but dont go broke doing so.

  • Ask that hottie on a date if you want to (yes this goes for BFs and hubby's too).

Net-net, enjoy bliss in the small things that make you smile daily, they matter.

Tbh, when I first broke my foot I was super angry. I thought 'great I have tons of work to do'. I thought it was such an irritating inconvenience. Now, I'm so damn happy for that time to slow down, really slow down. It helped me revive my inner diva and embrace her like my long lost BFF.

Now that my inner diva is standing tall and owning my space, almost every day is an interesting day.  To be clear, some days are down days. Life is not perfect and there are things to make me mad, sad or irritated. But I call on my inner diva now to lift my mood, make me laugh and encourage me to shine bright like a diamond.