#GirlSquad Goals: Tapping Into Goodness of Female Friendship


Chloe Wilde has at least one. Jennifer Aniston has one for sure. So does Reese, Oprah, Michelle (yes Obama), Meghan (yes Markle), Serena...and me too! My ride or die sisters, cheerleaders, critics, truth givers, travel crew, brunch gang...yep my Girl Squad. I actually have two. One made up of friends I've known a lifetime, and one made up of friends collected during my professional career over the last 15-20 years. Call them my soul sisters, partners in crime, sister's from other misters. Most importantly, they are my friendship fuel.

Jennifer Aniston recently used the term "soul cluster" in an interview (Harper's Bazaar July'19)...and I LOVE that! We all have them, or should. Female friends who have seen us at our worst, our best, when we ugly cry, made that bad clothing choice, pained thru a family drama, got the job or didn't, got the guy/girl or didn't, I could go on. What's key is that these female friends are the fuel that help keeps motivating us to keep our heads high.

Every member of my #GirlSquad is unique, dope AF, and they all have one thing in common, actually two, they are each wicked smart and super accomplished in their own ways. Two traits that I am in awe of, forever grateful for, and try to soak in when we're together. Those moments I have with my squad help me feel confident, secure, assured, smarter and like an all around bad ass...in a good way. While we may be in totally different professions, have different family situations, and have had vastly different life lessons, that's exactly what makes my #GirlSquad so great. We learn, laugh and live  together.

Now before I go on, a quick word about being competitive and catty. Catty? Nope. Done, next outta here. Competitive? Yes my #GirlSquad can be competitive, and that's a good thing. Why? We cheer each other on and are inspired by our resilience. We don't run over each other like road kill. Some of my squad do run marathons, some do karate, some are beasts in the gym, others are beasts at work. But we cheer for each other and share tips and ideas to channel into our own passions. Not one of my squad cut down each other. Yes, there have been one or two who didn't play #GirlSquad nice, and they are long gone.

The goodness my #GirlSquad provides is invaluable. If you don't have a #GirlSquad no worries (although you likely do but don't call them a squad), consider how female friendship can make you an even more awesome human.

  • Invite your most outgoing squad members to a work event or similar and watch how they work the room and get the 411 on people. I've done it and what I learned about the hot guy on my floor was priceless (and saved me from a future BF mistake!)

  • Travel together...nuff said. You'll learn your squads quirks and habits fast!

  • Share your embarrassing work stories, dating drama, work out issues and trust me, being vulnerable about this stuff creates super deep bonds in a squad. Why? Because no one is perfect and we all fall flat on our face at some point.

One of the best recent things both my #GirlSquad's did was to share our Bucket Lists.  Sounds tame right? Not so fast. The things friends would do if money and time were no object are laugh out loud amazing, awesome, a lil freaky deaky, awkward, powerful, soulful and refreshing. And that's the kind of female goodness I want to rub off on me every day. 

Need a little #GirlSquad inspo to get started? Well aside being part of the HIH fam jam, check these female groups out on IG: