Fridge & Pantry “Must Have” Items!

Life is busy right? And when our schedules get a little out of hand, this is usually when we find our nutrition game slacking. So here are 10 items that I recommend you keep stocked in your kitchen at all times.

What you can always be sure to find in my fridge:

  1. Eggs & Egg whites – high in protein content, and a multipurpose food item.

  2. Almond milk – my smoothie base.

  3. Greek Yogurt – great source of protein and a healthy snack choice!

  4. Frozen kale/spinach – a surefire way to keep greens on hand. Can add to smoothies or steam for a hot veggie.

  5. Frozen berries – snack, smoothie, topping, treat, full of antioxidants and so delicious. Plus it’s cheaper than buying fresh! And they’ll last much longer.


And what is always stocked in the pantry:

  1. Quick oats – basically good in everything, and for everything…breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, baking…your new meal prep bff.

  2. Olive oil – healthy fat which helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (drizzle on salads so that you’re getting the most of your veggies).

  3. Tuna – high protein, low maintenance meal prep.

  4. Protein powder – add to smoothies, yogurt, oats. Leaves no excuse for skipping a meal or having an unhealthy junk food snack.

  5. Nuts & Seeds – I keep these on hand for when I’m craving something less favourable to snack on. And they are almost always a topping (or additive) of choice for pretty much all of my meals. My faves are almonds, pistachios, walnuts, chia, flax, hemp and sunflower seeds. Healthy nourishing fats for the win once again!

Okay, I lied…let’s make it 10 items + 1…because sometimes you just need a little something sweet! Let’s add dark chocolate. For when that sugar craving kicks in!

You can basically live off of these, and most of the time I do. You can combine these items in many ways, and create lots of different meals or snacks! For example, overnight oats, smoothies, and omelettes just to name a few. I always make sure to have these in the house, because I know I can whip up a balanced and nutritious meal when in a rush, or just really low on groceries. And keep in mind that these items are not just great on their own or in combination together, but they can be building blocks for a lot of meal prepping. Which is why they are always on my grocery list. Which reminds me, it’s time to go shopping once again!

Sending you love & light #HIHfam!

Sincerely, your chiropractor

Dr. Chelsey