Post-workout Skin Tips When You’re on the Go


We are all running from one place to another, whether from the gym to work or work to drinks. Especially with patio season on the way, calendars will be even more full and caring for your skin on the go will be essential.

If you’re in a rush after a sweaty workout, or simply looking for quick skin tips for the summer, we spoke with Celeste Hilling, CEO and founder of Skin Authority to share her skin advice for women on the go.

“I am always running from a workout to an appointment, so my bag is always armed with disposable peel pads for a quick swipe antibacterial cleanse and an antioxidant spray mist to replenish the protective moisture barrier of my skin,” Hilling said.


Her go-to products are Skin Authority Instant Perfection Peel Pads and Moisturizing Mist.  Especially after your workout, remember to nurture skin all over the body, so don’t just treat your face. 

“I swipe my body and follow with the mist all over. Whether you are heading home, to the office or out in the sun, environmental protection is a must,” she said.

“Blue light, pollution exists indoors as well as outside so daily use will prevent the discoloration and wrinkling that can occur with light and pollution exposure.  SA Daily Defense SPF 30 is my favourite because it is a moisturizer/sunscreen in one and has a smooth powdery finish.”

Working out can wreak havoc on our skin; not just the combination of our sweat and bacteria, but others as well if working out inside a gym. Working out also elevates the level of stress-related hormones like cortisol which can contribute to more breakouts. 

“As our body heat increases so does its inflammatory response which can break down some of the collagen in our skin leading to more wrinkles or sagging,” Hilling said.

“Sweat which remains on the skin can harbour microparticles of pollution and bacteria which can also contribute to breakouts, but more importantly produce discoloration and redness in the skin as well as skin irritation or fungal infection.”

When creating your post-workout routine, Hilling says to look for products that help boost your cell turnover, accelerate skin healing, boost collagen production and fight bacteria.  

Here are a few of Hilling’s post-workout skin tips:

  1. Cleanse as soon as you work out. Post work out skin has been sensitized by heat, making it more delicate to scrubbing, so it is best to use a gentle AHA cleanser without scrubbing particles to remove dirt and bacteria from the skin. 

  2. Apply a topical vitamin C serum (15% or higher) following cleansing to provide protective antioxidant power and helps with UV absorption to deter discoloration and promote collagen for firmness. 

  3. Finish with a moisturizer that has calming anti-inflammatory ingredients such as mango, shea butter, turmeric, aloe, or avocado oil to conquer redness and sensitivity.   

If you want to treat your skin like a pro after your workout here is Hilling’s post-workout routine: Skin Authority Daily Cleanser, Super C Serum and Age Defying Moisturizer mixed with Turmeric and Blueberry Infusion for Brightening. All available on