Starting The Clean Hub Abroad


Hello everyone!

Today I am so so so excited to bring Raquel from The Clean Hub back on to the blog to give us an insight about starting a business abroad.

Her and I are both expats in the UK, and just moving is a daunting prospect but the fact that she moved from California to the UK and then starting a business is #girlboss status if you ask me!

Feel free to check out our previous chat, which talks about how to clean up your beauty routine!

Let’s start with a quick introduction as to what The Clean Hub is, and what we can find on your website?

At The Clean Hub, we are your one-stop-shop for clean beauty products. All of our products are completely free from toxins or chemicals so they won’t damage your health, skin or body. You can find our website at

Q: You are from the United States, so what made you decide to start the clean hub in the uk?
A: I felt that the UK and Europe were missing access to transparent and natural beauty products. Many of the brands that market themselves as natural or clean in the UK and Europe are in fact not natural. I wanted to create a site where people knew everything that they were getting was 100% natural.


Q: What motivated you to pursue a life of entrepreneurship?

A: I have always had a bug to tell people about my favourite things. When I cured my acne with natural beauty products I wanted an outlet to share it with the world. That is why I created The Clean Hub.

Q: What are some challenges you saw starting a company abroad, and some of the benefits?

A: Well, Scotland is a great place to start a business. They give you quite a lot of support and its close enough to London that I can easily get there if need be. The challenges are that I’m away from many of my friends and family.

Q: If you could give anyone advise on starting a company, what would it be?

A: Just do it. Don’t wait on an idea because you can think about it for the rest of your life. Also, start selling early and constantly iterate your service/product so that it will best fit your customers’ needs.

Q: What are your best selling products, or products you would recommend if someone is starting the switch?

A: Our best selling products by far is our Lily Lolo all natural mascara and our Hynt Beauty all natural concealers. They are an absolute must have!! We also do samples for many of our products. Just ask us!

Q: What is your Healthy Is Hot moment?

A: My daily matcha lattes with almond milk! I’m thinking of creating a matcha latte beauty elixir as well which I will be sharing.

There you have it!

I have purchased a number of the products on The Clean Hub, two of which are those best sellers, and I absolutely love them! For me the ones I am really pleased about are the mascara and eyeliner because anything that goes that close to my eyes better be natural! Although The Clean Hub is based in the UK they do ship to Canada too ;)

Hope you all enjoyed that little chat, and if any of you are on the fence about taking that plunge hopefully some of her words resonated with you.

With happy vibes,

Mary-Catherine xx