The Best Podcasts to Enhance Your Life

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Podcasts are all the rave these days and are a good alternative to when you’re tired of playing the same music. They can provide a lot of inspiration, information or another form of entertainment. The 3 podcasts I’ll talk about in this post are some of my favourite ones to listen to on the daily!

Healthy is Hot Podcast

Starting off with a podcast by our very own Chloe Wilde! Since this podcast started it has quickly become one that I look forward to listening to every Monday. The podcast discusses all sides of life from healthy life to career to personal life. It has an amazing balance of topics and is something that everyone needs to add to their listening list.

Listen to it here:

TED Talks Daily

This podcast which is created by the people at TED allows you to listen to a variety of short speeches on different topics. These range from politics to health to body image. The podcast episodes are quite short, usually, 10-15 mins long and are great if you don’t like to listen to 40+ min podcasts. All of the things that they talk about on this podcast are truly inspiring and educational and gives you a new perspective on the topics that are being discussed.

Listen to it here:

The Brand is Female

This one is for all of the girlbosses out there. This podcast is hosted by Eva Hartling and she interviews different women about their journeys to where they are now. It’s truly a super inspiring and informative podcast about the the successes and failures of these women and also their insights to their respective industries. Learning about new female entrepreneurs, screenwriters, directors, etc, is definitely a cool way to start the mornings.

Listen to it here: