I am very worried about the fate of Earth...

Let’s work together and keep our Earth healthy.


Okay fam, here’s a bit of a tough one for us today – Earth.

Let’s be honest, she is the main reason we can have our HIH moments as she provides us with the oxygen to fill our lungs, the food to fuel our bodies, and the ground for us to run on.
It’s unfortunate to say friends, but we are failing our Home and I think it's time we talk about it.

I went to university for environmental studies and within my first year I was already overwhelmed by our impact on the planet. That was 10 years ago, and I can’t imagine what those first year enviro studies students are experiencing today.

When I was in high school I was a proud tree hugger, and I was pushing for a more sustainable way for our school to function. At the time it wasn’t always taken positively and at a young age I was already feeling push back from people to treat our world with respect, and in all honesty it pissed me off so obviously I pushed back.

I decided to go to school for Environmental studies, and volunteered to make our world a healthier place to live.

Fast forward to now, where we are in a climate crisis and not enough people care and a lot of people seem to think that they alone can’t make a difference so why bother. What if we were to flip that thought process? If every single person did his or her share imagine the world we would live in… One can hope.

What can you do individually to help make our planet survive for future generations?

We obviously have the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle mantra. If at all possible the first two are the best to put in place. You can apply these in almost any facet of your life as well; such as reducing your plastic consumption or even by reducing the amount of clothes you buy. Reusing things you purchase for various purposes, for instance I reused plastic trays that contained sweet corn as drawer organizers. A little creativity and outside of the box thinking will help with this one!  

Here are some of my tips on how you can make a positive impact:

Shop local and say no to plastic bags

This will reduce a lot of emissions, and also support local shops. This can be from food to fashion. While doing your shopping say no to plastic bags regardless of the shop. Some people seem to think that reusable bags are only for groceries, but you can use them everywhere and you should.

Carry Reusable bags on your person

This should be a given now, but those plastic bags are horrendous. I have reusable bags in my purses, and backpacks to make sure that if there is an impromptu need for one its there.  If you do have plastic bags, make sure to reuse them for something.

Have a reusable mug/bottle on your person

Folks, rolling up the rim or playing monopoly is not worth it. There are so many amazing reusable mugs out there you can find something that suits your needs. I would recommend the Stojo mugs that are collapsible for anyone who is afraid of it taking up room, David’s Tea mugs or Contigo keep your drinks warm and cold for many hours.

Of course having a reusable water bottle is also key. In Canada and here in Scotland we are fortunate to have safe drinking tap water so take advantage of that!

Purchase second hand

Charity shops are huge here in the UK, but even when I was living in Ottawa I loved browsing a good charity shop. Things that are great to purchase at charity shops are books and games for children. Not to mention that the price is much more affordable. There are also apps such as depop or poshmark where you can purchase second hand clothing or accessories.


So there are SO many places and things you can donate, and you can donate to various organizations. Reach out to your local daycare and see what kind of things they would accept. You can donate tires, buttons, palettes, paint sticks, rocks, toilet rolls, bottle caps, containers, bins, etc. Honestly almost anything you would recycle could be used depending on the programs philosophy.

Other things you can donate to are animal shelters that usually accept old towels or pillows for instance. Thinking outside to box to make it possible to reuse rather than recycle is essential.

Buy in bulk

I miss Bulk Barn SO much, it was amazing and you can bring in your own containers! They have much more than candy. I would purchase my flour, couscous, quinoa, etc at bulk barn.

Make things from home

Instead of purchasing individual soups or soaps, why not make it fresh from home? Pinterest is your friend here.

Quit smoking

This one obviously is beneficial for you own healthy, but those left over butts are so harmful for the environment.  

Plant trees

This is actually one of the most efficient ways of combating our climate crisis. If you are a frequent flyer, like myself, you can also opt in to put a few extra dollars (or whatever your currency is) towards offsetting your carbon footprint. Many companies do this by planting trees on your behalf. You can also donate to organizations who plant trees, or go out there and do it yourself.

Quality > quantity

Fashion has a huge negative impact on the environment so I would recommend purchasing fewer things, but good quality things that would last longer. I still wear clothes that I had in high school!

Walk/Cycle/Rollerblade, etc

What a better way to get your HIH moments in but by doing it outside!? I am so fortunate to be able to walk to work, and living close to work has always been a priority to me so that I can do that. Not only are you getting your body moving, but also spending time outdoors is so important for you both physically and mentally. It is proven to increase creativity and long-term health.

Community clean-up

Did you ever have this in your neighborhood? I remember as a child going out with my community with bin bags picking up garbage in the local park. This led to me wanting to do the same in school where either I would go along on my own picking up trash, or organize an activity. Even as an educator to young preschoolers I would have clean up days where we would go off with gloves on our hands to pick up the trash around the school. Taking ownership of your space and cleaning it up is really important at any age.

I am not telling you to act on every single one of these actions, but if even one resonated with you I encourage you to make that change and help make our home a healthier one.

The reality of our modern day society is that we are almost unable to completely reduce our waste, and plastic consumption. However we can do other things to help improve our planet’s health, and subsequently ours.

Let’s work together on this one, and let me know if you have any other tips to add to the list! It really could be endless and I look forward to hearing them!

With happy vibes,

Mary-Catherine xx