Summer Rush in Toronto


June 21st marked the official start of the summer which means outdoor training is an alternative option to change up your usual gym routine. Truth is, as Torontonians, we have very few months to truly train outside as the weather can be quite unpredictable. With that thought in mind, not only is it important to adopt a sustainable workout routine, but a change of scenery can just be what gives you that extra push in achieving your fitness goals.

It is important to create a work-out routine that leaves you feeling great and proud of yourself. This will, in turn, inspire you to do it again and remain focused on your goal and your program. We wanted to share some training ideas with our HIH readers



We understand that not everyone is a fan of cardio exercises especially when it comes to running. It is, however, a “necessary evil” that provides countless benefits for your health. As a beginner, we recommend finding a workout buddy as he/she can be a great motivator. Having an additional person tagging along for a run can be instrumental in achieving your fitness goals. That person can help push you to “dig a little deeper“ during every workout.

It is also important to find a spot that is convenient for you and to make it a habit to get there a couple times a week. Being outdoors surrounded by greenery can have a great impact on the mind and will leave you feeling refreshed and reset.

Our favourite spot to train in the city is Sunnybrook Park as it has a crazy flight of stairs that we incorporate in our workout and a 2 km loop. It goes without saying that having great running shoes will do wonders for your training. The actor the Rock has a new line of a shoe collection in collaboration with Under Armour. We particularly love his new shoes called UA Icon HOVR Phantom ( This shoe tracks the athlete’s distance through an app on their phone. It helps keep us motivated as we can see a clear picture of our stats from the app and therefore make room for improvements.


Stair Climbing

That long flight of stairs at Sunnybrook Park can be used as an alternative for your cardio exercise. We definitely have a love/hate relationship with them as it is extremely challenging. Often time, we think we need many tools to work out but a good flight of stairs can do the trick. For instance, as part of our work out, we incorporate various types of moves besides just climbing the stairs up and down. We do a series of jump squats, lunges, sprints and so on; we also use the stairs to work on our balance, coordination and mobility. It is a nice change from the gym and our recovery time takes usually longer after a gruesome workout on those stairs.



Isometric exercises are a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction. We often incorporate some TRX Isometrics exercises for muscle strength, fat burning and mobility training. In fact, the TRX is an incredible tool to use for outdoor training, as it is so convenient and very effective. There are countless exercises (full body) that you can do with the TRX including but not limited to: squat and fly, one leg squat, clock press, low row, triceps press, lunges, ham curl, pike, plank, atomic press up and so on. It truly has become our best friend when we train outdoor.


The outdoors offers a different type of vibes compared to a yoga studio. When training outside you can use the serenity of nature to reset your mind. Turn your music off, focus on your breath and take the time to properly reset mind, body and soul.

As a final word, training outdoors can provide many advantages in achieving our fitness goal. It is a great way to escape the crowded gym or even change our workout routine. Mother Nature has a way to give us that extra push of energy every time we exercise outside the gym; maybe it’s the fresh air, maybe it’s the scenery or even that extra vitamin D. In any case, we enjoy shying away from the gym for a great training at Sunnybrook Park, it truly makes our soul happy.

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