“Becoming” Strong 


A few months ago, I was roaming around Indigo and I happened to stumble upon the new release of Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming”. Michelle Obama is someone I have admired for a long time as an individual and I knew I had to get my hands on this book. I knew this book was going to be filled with so many gems of knowledge and she definitely didn’t disappoint.

In “Becoming”, Michelle touches upon quite a few topics: Marriage, self-esteem, education, race and womanhood. There were so many goodies I wanted to share with you all, but it was such an amazing read that I want to give you a little taste. I absolutely believe you need to read the book to get the full effect of her knowledge and wisdom.

The quote I really wanted to share with you really involves the idea of using your story as a strength in your life:

“Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.”

I personally really connected with this quote because of my own personal struggles and I know everyone has a story to share. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is always something we have to overcome in our lives. For those of you who haven’t read my past posts, I had a brain tumour that caused a disease called Cushing’s disease. Instead of looking at is as I was “cursed” or had “bad luck”, I decided to own the story, grow the best way I can and recover as well as my body would let me.

Today, I share my story daily. I own it. I’m not ashamed of it and I’m helping others. There have been so many times that I have shared by story because it came up in conversation and the person on the receiving end put life or a certain situation they were in, into perspective. 

This is what you can do with your story. We all have our struggles and things we had to fight through. It’s okay to feel down about something once in a while, but we cannot let it take over our lives negatively. There is always a way to spin a negative situation into a positive one. Finding a positive during something extremely negative doesn’t take away from what you went through and it doesn’t make it less terrible. 

You can find strength and healing in sharing your story. You can help others through sharing so that they know they won’t be alone and you sharing your story will also show you that you, too, aren’t alone in your fight. Sharing your story is such a vulnerable moment but I can tell you that there is absolutely a huge amount of strength in vulnerability and it can be so helpful in your healing. 

So this is your sign, if you’re looking for healing from whatever it is you are going through or went through, own it. Own the absolute heck out of your story. Share and share again. Connect with others and connect with yourself. There is power in owning your story.

If you’re currently going through something or went through something and are having a hard time moving past it, I can tell you it will get better. You will find strength within yourself and you will begin to heal. There is always room to heal and grow.