We all have good days and bad days, but did you know that happiness is a skill that needs to be practiced? Want to learn some more about happiness and how you can be actively happy, here are a few tips to help you on your journey of life … 

Practice Gratitude 

Research has proven that happier people often practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude can be practice in so many different ways; most importantly it is taking the time to recognize and be grateful for something good which happened to you or to someone else. Research has shown that when an individual is practicing gratitude this increases their happiness and also it increases their ability to recognize different things they should be grateful for. So go on out there into the bustling city and try to practice gratitude. I would suggest starting small, by simply recognizing one thing you are grateful for each day for the next 5-7 days and see how you feel at the end of the week. 

Find your flow – find your zone. If you have a hobby, interest, activity that you absolutely delight in and can easily lose track of time while doing, this is likely your flow or zone. Please note this is an activity. I know … I know … we all can binge-watch our favourite TV shows for hours, but sorry that doesn’t count! However, if you love to play a musical instrument, write, play a sport, take photos etc. This is likely your flow or zone. If you are unsure what your flow or zone is. I would suggest taking a few minutes and write a list of all your different interests and then practice these activities, note which ones you easily lose time while doing and likely that is your flow. 

Savour the Moment

I strongly believe in this philosophy, life is busy and it can be fast-paced. It is so important in the busy life to take a moment and to savour it and enjoy it. Studies have shown that individuals who take time to savour the beautiful moments in life are happier. When you are having a great moment at work, or in your hobby – take a moment and enjoy it! When you are with a family or friend and are really enjoying their company, take time to savour the moment. When you are at your favourite coffee shop or park and surrounded by beautiful scenery – take the time to enjoy it.