How I Get Sh*t Done: Lauren Scallen


Do you have that one friend who knows everything and anything about skincare? That’s Lauren Scallen! She’s a 24 year old social media and marketing coordinator by day, and a skincare and beauty blogger by night! Lauren uses her Instagram and blog to help people battle the aisles of Sephora and understand what products they may need for anything from dry skin to what’s the best face mask to use! She’ll become your beauty guru (and new Insta bestie) in no time! This week, I sat down with Lauren to talk about everything from her morning routine to her upcoming adventures as one of Boots & Hearts ambassador this year!


 Q: It’s your average morning- tell us about your morning routine!

A: I'm a commuter! Which actually isn't that bad. I love having a daily routine during the week so my morning's typically look the same: 6am wake up call, skincare and makeup routine and then out the door by 7:30 latest to start my commute to work. During my commute I like to read, catch up on social, or sometimes just listen to music and decompress before I get to the office. Breakfast is a MUST every morning. My go-to is an almond milk matcha latte & welo probiotic bar - apple cinnamon is my fav! I usually get to the office in 40-50 minutes and start my day around 8:30am. 

Q: You speak on many topics surrounding beauty & skincare on your blog and Instagram. Why did you want to start a platform like this?

A: I'm very passionate about beauty and I wanted to create a platform that was first and foremost for the girls in my day-to-day life who wanted to learn more about skincare, makeup and wellness. It can be daunting walking the aisles of Sephora so I wanted to have a space where people could come and get product recommendations for various skin issues at both high and low price points. I love talking about beauty, so my blog and my instagram are an extension of that passion. I love when people slide into my DM's asking for recommendations - it's the best feeling knowing people trust my opinion on a topic that I love so much. 

Q: What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on?

A: I love spin classes! It's hard living out in the durham region because the access to specialized classes isn't great. If soul cycle was out east I would be there every single day. I also played competitive soccer until I was 18 and still love going out at night into an empty field and kicking the ball around. 

Q: You’re constantly on the go, what’s your favourite snacks that you like to keep on you on busy days?

A: Yep I'm definitely a gal on the go! I love welo bars I always have them on hand. I also love Health-Ade kombucha, their flavours are the best in my opinion and I know every ingredient on the label. I also love that their ingredient list is very minimal - the less the better! I'm addicted to Starbucks matcha lattes, I don't drink coffee at all so this is my pick-me-up. I'm obsessed with Farm Boy so when I'm really on the go you can find me picking up lunch/dinner at their salad bar. 

Q: You also work for ShopStyle Canada! Tell us about the role!

A: ShopStyle is an absolute dream job. I actually never thought I would be working in fashion because I don't consider myself fashionable at all. If I could, I would wear cowboy boots every day. ShopStyle has been my home away from home and I couldn't image working anywhere else. There's only two of us on the ShopStyle Canada team: myself and my boss. I do everything from writing our newsletter emails to making shop pages and swapping out the homepage every few weeks so it's nice, new and on trend. It's so much fun - I feel very creatively satisfied and the camaraderie from my coworkers is inspiring; we all want to see each other succeed. #TeamShopStyle


Q: What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long week or day?

A: I've recently been trying this app called Headspace to meditate before bed. It helps me gather my thoughts and relax so I can fall asleep. I am also a major fan of essential oils, I literally always have peppermint halo from Saje on hand for when I'm feeling stressed. Baths in the winter are my go-to to unwind after a long day. And actually, I really really love just coming home and doing my nighttime skincare routine. It's soothing to rinse off the day and start fresh for the next one ahead.  

Q: What’s your bedtime routine look like?

A:  I never skip my skincare routine, ever. I like going to bed before 10pm because I need at least 7 hour of sleep to function (reminder: I don't really drink any caffeine so sleep is mandatory for me). I try my hardest to not look at my phone at least a half hour before bed. I've been writing a lot before bed too - I find it's a great way to clear your brain before falling asleep. 

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received so far?

A: The best piece of advice I've ever received: don't drink tequila on an empty stomach. Ha! But really the best piece of advice I've ever received was that you're always going to make mistakes, you're only human and nobody is perfect, but you must always learn from your mistakes so that you can grow. This applies to your career, relationships and goals. 

Q: What’s next for you? Any big projects or partnerships going on?

A: Next up for me is Boots & Hearts! I'm one of their ambassadors this year, which is probably my favourite partnership I've ever done. August is sneaking up fast I almost can't believe it. Long term: I'm hoping to move out with my boyfriend in the next two years, buy a car, maybe a ring on my finger - you know all the adult things! I also want to focus more time on my blog and youtube and really revamp it to the best it can be. And in terms of aspirations - I would LOVE a big move to Nashville, so let's manifest that into here. 

Q: What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

A: I think most women can relate to feeling like being healthy means you look like a fitness influencer, celebrity or model. That could not be more wrong. Being your version of healthy is so so personal. When I think of "Healthy is Hot" I think of empowerment and of course, individuality. Some days I eat kale and workout, some days I'm tucked into bed with chicken nuggets. Balance is key but so is feeling your best mentally and physically, stretch marks are sexy. Don't ever let what society tells you is healthy define what healthy is to you - unfollow anything or anyone that makes you feel less than. 

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