Sunday Habits For a Killer Week

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Sundays are one of my favourite days because it’s still the weekend but allows me to prepare for the upcoming week. It’s easy to let Sunday slip by, by spending the whole day cooped up on the couch and sometimes that’s what you need. But other times, having good habits that you implement into your Sunday routine will set you up for the week.

Plan and Organize

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I’m an avid planner and love to know exactly what needs to be done during the week. Planning tasks that you have to complete ahead of time gives you a good idea of what your workload may be like for that week. Planning and organizing doesn’t just have to go for your work/school life. I love to plan (generally) my outfits for the week and also the types of meals I’ll be eating. This is helpful as it takes away the stress of the little things because you’ve already got it figured out.

Relax and Restart

As much as you’re starting your prep for the new week, it’s also important to relax and enjoy your day. Take some of the day for yourself. Whether you want to read a book, take a relaxing bath or watch your favourite movie/tv shows. Do something that you like and enjoy the little bit of peace that you get before starting another week. So often we’re caught up in always going out, spending time with others that we forget to check in with ourselves and Sundays are the perfect days to do that.

Tidy Your Space

Having a clean space to start your week is always a good thing. It keeps your mind clear and ready to take on new things. Cleaning my room is something I love to do on Sundays as its a way to reset my space and is one of my favourite things to accomplish on the weekend because I love having a clean room to start a new week.

Meaningful Moments

Sundays are the perfect to whip out your journal or talk to a friend about your week. Reflecting on all the good and bad things that have happened is such a great thing to do. If you’re someone who reviews their goals for personal or work/school life, this a good time to do it. Constantly going over what you want to achieve is an amazing way for it to actually be accomplished. As Sundays mean the end to one week and the beginning of another, be excited for all of the wonderful things the new week has in store for you!