Easy Ways To #EatYourGreens

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Here’s your daily reminder to EAT YOUR GREENS! I make it a (very important) point to make sure I get enough greens every day because they are the most natural form of (& better than) MULTIVITAMINS, which means they provide all the vitamins & macro-minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K, C, E & D etc.) my body needs to perform & function optimally.

They also contain loads of fibre, which promotes fullness, healthy digestion & helps heal the gut, as well as keep blood sugar levels in check, cravings away & promote a healthy heart & balanced cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of arterial plaque buildup & premature aging of the cardiovascular system. 

The extremely high vitamin C content also boosts immunity, collagen production & repairs & nourishes the skin so that it’s able to replenish & renew its cells, killing off dead ones & revealing a clear & glowy complexion!

The high water content in greens also makes them optimal for cleansing the intestines & relaxing the nerves in intestinal walls, regularity & fighting inflammation, detoxifying the liver, purifying the blood, keeping skin clear & reducing the risk of bloating & water retention as they help promote a healthy sodium& potassium balance in the body.

Most greens (especially dark leafy ones) are also high in calcium & vitamin K, which means they help with bone building & strengthening, the dilation of blood vessels & proper circulation, oxygen & blood flow. 

Greens provide a lasting source of energy (Fruits are also a good source of energy but provide short bursts due to their sugars, which are quickly metabolized). Greens, on the other hand, are filled with fibre, B vitamins & many other nutrients that provide energy, as well as high in iron, which helps reduce fatigue & overall feelings of weakness.

Most greens are also high in folate & other minerals, such as iron, potassium, magnesium & even plant-based protein protein & antioxidants, such as beta-carotene & lutein, which prevents many chronic disease!

Green superfoods are also a great addition to smoothies because they add tons of nutrition without adding bulk, volume or taste to smoothies (matcha, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass & moringa are some of my faves). 

And last but not least, let’s talk enzymes. A lack of enzymes in the body makes the blood dirty, creating the base for disease every time we consume processed food, which is legitimately denatured & has no living enzymes with most of the nutrients diminished / non-existent.

The harder a food to digest, the more enzymes required. Diets high in inflammatory & acidic foods, poorly combined meals & GMO/processed foods/chemicals & additives require so much work & enzymatic activity to digest that the body has none left over for naturally cleansing & providing energy!

You have no idea how much energy digestion requires alone; it’s potentially draining! The easier a food to digest, the less enzymes required, the more energy we have & the less risk for disease & premature aging!

An easily digested diet based on simple #food, fresh greens, veggies, fruits floods the body with enzymes & boosts its ability to protect/repair itself VS. draining it of its energy & enzyme reserves to digest processed food that isn’t even realfood. This way, our body can detoxify itself NATURALLY & remove disease causing toxins at the cellular level & melt away excess fat!

Highly inflammatory foods send the body into overdrive & hide toxin as far away from internal organs as possible in fat cells. When we eat foods rich in enzymes, our body is signalled that it’s “safe” to shed these toxin laden fat cells so they can be released from the body, hence why when we switch to more plant=based alternatives, we may experience that detoxification feeling at first! (This is why when you start a health journey, you may experience digestive distress, bloating etc. because your body finally has the energy to use its natural ability to detoxify & cleanse itself, NO DETOX TEA NECESSARY!).

So today’s tip: incorporate more foods that resemble their natural & original source! When you look at the food you’re about to eat, ask yourself how much it went through to become what it looks like & if there’s an easier & simpler version of it that’ll make you feel even better!

The best part about greens is that there are so many easy & simple ways to incorporate them in our day to day lives without adding an overwhelming quantity or bulk to our meals, all while adding a HUGE dose of nutrition! Killing two birds with one stone!

Without further ado, here are some simple ways to add more greens to your life:

  • use lettuce wraps instead of buns for burgers, guac, pesto, mashed chickpeas, black beans, tacos, ground meats & veggies

  • add them (& green superfood powders) to your smoothies

  • have an afternoon green juice or a morning celery & greens juice

  • make a side salad with all your meals or have a salad as a snack with some nuts or seeds

  • cut up green veggies for an afternoon snack & have some guac, hummus or Dijon as dip!

  • sauté any leftover greens you have in the fridge so they don’t go to waste & you can serve them as a side with your meals (my favourite seasoning is smoked paprika, apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, tired herbs, sea salt, black pepper & a splash of fresh lemon, sautéed with the greens until wilted & cooked through!)

  • wash & prep your greens and veggies when you do groceries so that they’re ready when you want them in a hurry & less tempted to go for packaged foods

  • throw some greens into your recipes ALWAYS: omelettes, frittatas, chilis, stir fry, stews, soups, sandwiches, etc. They shrink to just about nothing anyway & add tons of flavour & health benefits!

  • add chlorophyll to lemon water in the AM or to smoothies

  • add green superfood powders into smoothies, baked or raw treats or oats/chia pudding: matcha, chlorella, spirulina, moringa are some of my faves!

  • make kale or cabbage chips

  • roast a big batch of veggies on Sundays so you always have them ready as needed!

  • freeze them for smoothies

  • munch on romaine when you’re craving something crunchy & season it with smoked paprika for ketchup flavour or nutritional yeast for cheese flavour!

  • dip it into dijon, salsa, hummus, pesto or guacamole

  • throw some greens into your recipes ALWAYS: omelettes, frittatas, chilis, stir fry, stews, soups, sandwiches, etc. They shrink to just about nothing anyway & add tons of flavour & health benefits!

  • make pesto & use it instead of packaged mayo

  • throw them into stir fry

  • throw avocado into smoothies

  • experiment with veggie noodles (zucchini, cucumber or any other type of squash!)

  • add fresh or dried herbs like parsley, basil, cilantro or dill to recipes - so many detoxifying benefits & they add tons of flavour!