The Importance of Consistency


When it comes to fitness and health, consistency is key. We know in order to achieve a goal you have to work hard for it. Obviously, right? But if this is a universally known fact, then why do so many of us struggle to achieve our goals? Well, we are all human. Even with the best intentions it can be tough to stay on track all the time. If you want to change your body, your activity level, your eating habits, your routine, anything have to change. And that means CHANGE. This is where we often fail. We only want to “change” for a short time. If you want to start to live a fit-life, or if you’re a seasoned vet and just want to up the ante, then go all in and don’t look back. 

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. So start there. Plan out what the next 3 weeks will look like for you. Write it down, set alarms or reminders. Get an accountability partner of some sort – a coach, or a friend – someone to encourage you to stay the course. Once you form new habits, it is so important to maintain them.  You have to learn to drop the “new” from “new habit”. Not just for a limited time only. If you want real and long lasting results then it is time to accept that you have to actually change. 

And listen, no one gets there in a few weeks. Those influencers you look up to most likely didn’t start their healthy habits yesterday. Find an exercise that you love to do that doesn’t feel like a buzzkill on your daily life. Eat healthy tasty food you actually want to eat. Enjoy the journey and make smart choices to keep a good balance. Otherwise you will fail. But a big part of your success is finding those true food and fitness “loves” in your life. 

Take care of your body and it will pay off. And please don’t feel bad about losing your way from time to time. It’s practice that makes perfect. And guess what honey, that’s what you are. Perfect in your own way, even when you falter. Just love yourself enough to live your version of fitness and health, consistently. 


I dare you. 

Sending love & light to this gorgeous #HIHfam

Dr. Chelsey