Getting the Most out of Raspberry Season - Creamy Raspberry Hemp Smoothie Recipe

Creamy Raspberry Hemp Smoothie.jpg

Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits, and although I eat them throughout the year, it’s the raspberries that are available from July to September that are extra special. Little bites of heaven, raspberries are the perfect fruit that require almost no prep – except for maybe a little rinse. Toss them in a parfait, on oatmeal, in a spinach salad, bake them in muffins or scones, or just snack on them as they are; raspberries really are a versatile little fruit.

That said, here is one of my favourite smoothie recipes that is perfect to make when raspberries are in season. The ingredients in this delicious and refreshing smoothie will work hard for you: boosting digestion, fighting inflammation, firing up your immune system, and energizing you for all your daily adventures. The addition of the hemp seeds also add a boost of protein, omega-3’s and essential minerals, but feel free to play around with this recipe if you don’t have any hemp seeds on hand.

Check out the recipe below. I haven’t included any supplementary protein in the recipe, but if you’re looking for a boost, feel free to add a scoop of high-quality vegan or whey protein (vanilla would be a delicious addition) or collagen. If you’re looking to make this smoothie recipe thicker, and turn it into a smoothie bowl, add cauliflower, a small frozen banana or half an avocado.


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