How I Get Sh*t Done : Sasha Folgoas

Meet Sasha Folgoas, aka @whattthehealth on Instagram! Her page is all about health, wellness and most importantly eating whole, and real foods! Sasha is currently studying to be a holistic nutritionist! Her recipe posts will make you drool, and honestly they are SO simple to make because they consist of natural, nutrition-packed ingredients! This week on HIGSD, I sit down with this plant-loving babe to chat everything from what she does first thing in the morning to her obsession with matcha green tea lattes (girl, same!). 

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Q: What’s your average morning look like? 

A: So my average morning is pretty much the same every single day I wake up at around 830 or nine depending on the day if I’m working that day then I wake up according to my work time so if I work at 10 I’ll wake up at eight if I work at 11 I’ll wake up at nine and so forth I go downstairs I have a glass of warm lemon water to jumpstart my digestion this has been a key in my morning routine recently. I usually walk my dog in the morning unless I don’t need to and then for breakfast my go to is either a smoothie or coconut yoghurt and fruit and then for a second breakfast I’ll have avocado toast. 

Q: You’re currently getting your holistic nutritionist certification- why is this such an important aspect in your life?

A: It’s super important for me to become a certified holistic nutritionist because one I have a huge passion for all things health and fitness and wellness and being able to be certified and have actual knowledge with a certificate means that I’m able to help others and heal others naturally with food which is extremely important to me I want to be able to make it accessible to others and hopefully change someone’s life. I also love it because while I’ve learned a lot on my own and through Instagram and my own research it’s really exciting and fun for me to be taking this course and learning even more knowledge that I probably wouldn’t have learned if it weren’t for this course I’m learning a lot more about the body and the systems and how everything works in unison with in the body and it’s really fascinating. 

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Q: What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on?

A: I am obsessed with working out this has only been in like the past year and a bit. I used to hate going to the gym, I was absolutely unmotivated and I really just didn’t like it because I really didn’t know what to do. So I’m actually a member with ClassPass which is really good for me because I can try a bunch of different classes and not stick to one same routine. Some of my favourite classes are barre and Pilates I love low intensity classes because they target smaller muscle groups that you wouldn’t be able to in higher intensity workouts so those make me really feel the burn and then for cardio. I’m obsessed with SoulCycle and it’s an incredible workout it’s so motivating the instructors are super nice and it’s a it’s just a great workout. In the summertime I also love going for long walks you actually really get a sweat especially if you’re in the sun and if it’s hot outside but it’s just so nice to move your body that way and you end up going pretty far. 

Q: You’re constantly on the go, what’s your favourite snacks, smoothie place, coffee place, etc that you like to have on a busy day to keep you going?

A: I am such a snacker for work or just throughout the day I love to find a good bar to bring with me like a Lara bar they have super clean ingredients and they taste great am I also love to cut up veggies and bring some hummus or guacamole with them and also just some crackers to snack on. My favourite on the go healthy place in Toronto Hass to be revitalize.  I go literally 5 to 6 times a week their matcha latte is my favourite and they also have amazing juices and snacks as well as smoothies. 

Q: What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long week?

A: I am very lucky to actually have a pool in my backyard so after a long week or a day at work I love to choose to just come home make dinner and lay outside with my family or my boyfriend and just honestly veg out. 

Q: What’s your bedtime routine look like?

A: I am extremely serious about my night routine it doesn’t matter how tired I am or how I’m not in the mood I am I am obsessed with skin care so I really really take the time to focus on it at night. About three times a week I’ll do a face mask which is also a great form of self care but after I do all my skin care and everything I’ll make a cup of tea and watch YouTube or Netflix in bed until I fell sleep. 

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Q: What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?

A: The best piece of advice someone has given me would probably be if it won’t matter in five years then why focus on it for more than five minutes. This is really true because I am super sensitive and I will definitely focus on little things for a really long time but most of the small situations in the long run really don’t matter and I’d rather just be upset for a couple minutes or a day or however long and then get through it because I know that in five years or even one year it will not matter or affect my life drastically so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Q: What’s next for you? 

A: I am so excited about how much what the health has been growing the community is just incredible and the support is amazing so I definitely do have some exciting stuff coming up. I’ve been working on a website for quite a while and I also have a project coming soon for my amazing followers who support me that is definitely  taking a while but it will all be worth it and also some amazing brands have reached out to me to work with me and I have a trip to LA coming up soon will actually be meeting some of my Instagram friends from this awesome community and I cannot wait I’m going to be creating some amazing content there and I hope everyone loves it.

Q: What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

A: To me healthy is hot means that self-care and self-love and being selfish is important and sexy. Being selfish in this sort of way as in eating the right foods working out taking care of yourself is so important and you have to be able to take that one or two hours of the day to move my body honestly makes me feel amazing confident and great in my own skin and I think everyone deserves to feel that way I am so taking care of yourself really is an amazing quality that makes you hot! 

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