How I Get Sh*t Done : Megan Jacklin

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Meet Megan Jacklin, an athletic coordinator at Wilfrid Laurier’s Brantford campus by day, and a self-professed home renovation junkie by night! Need some interior design inspiration? Look no further than her Instagram page,@Home.Sweeter.Home. It is a page completely dedicated to Meg’s DIYing and renovation adventures on her recently-purchased first home, aka her very own century old duplex! She documents it all, from painting new floors, to gutting out the kitchen! This week on HIGSD, I sit down with Meg to talk to her about everything DIY, her fave way to get her sweat on and SO MUCH MORE! 

Q: It’s your average morning; tell us about your morning routine?

A: I am the first to admit that I miss my old morning routine. I used to wake up at 5:30am and trek over to Movati to do my daily morning cycle class. I would then get ready at the gym and head to work from there with my overnight oatmeal in one hand and my Tim Horton’s tea in the other. I moved cities and haven’t been able to establish a new morning routine since the (and I REALLY miss it). My new morning routine looks like this: I wake up around 7:30am with the sun because it shines in through my bedroom window and hits my face. I typically have a quick little body shower while some acoustic covers play on my speaker in the background. I quickly whip up a protein smoothie as I finish packing my lunch and snacks for the day. I then pack my work bag (and perhaps a workout bag for after work) and run out the door around 8:15am. My commute to work takes exactly 6 minutes with traffic (it’s okay to be jealous) and thus my morning begins! 

Q: You are the Manager, Inter-university Sport & Recreation at Laurier’s Brantford campus - tell us about how you landed the role!

A: I did my undergrad at Laurier’s Waterloo campus and for 3 years I worked in their Athletics Department in a variety of roles (ie. Fitness Centre Coordinator, Cyclefit instructor, Summer Events Staff… just to name a few!). When I graduated, a role became available in their department on the Brantford campus and because of my experience as a student, they felt I would be a good fit to step in and help out. One contract turned into another… and another… and another. I continued to challenge myself and took on new portfolios when they became available, constantly looking for ways to grow. I am currently covering a maternity leave contract and will step back into my own role of Coordinator, Recreation & Student Life in September. 

Q: You’ve also started your renovation/interior design Insta! I love the inspiration it gives me for my own space. What made you want to start this account and do you ever see yourself stepping into this type of career anytime soon?

A: I love to hear that!! I have always had a passion for DIY and home décor, but never really showed it to the world. I recently bought my first house and it’s a century old duplex that needed a little bit of “restoration love”. I was documenting a lot of my renovations on my own personal Instagram page but I didn’t want to keep bombarding my friends with it so I decided to make a separate page. It has just BLOWN UP since then! Not only do I showcase my renovations but I have started to incorporate some of my design plans, DIY projects, thrifting excursions and so much more! My account is still in its infancy so I haven’t done much in term of turning it into a “career” but I definitely hope to continue to grow it. Check back next year and we’ll see how far I’ve come! 

Q: What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on?

A: I am a strong believer in variety. I am a cycle instructor by trade so I always enjoy a good, high intensity cycle class. BUTTTT I get a huge rush of empowerment by lifting heavy s#!t. I try and mix it up as much as possible – strength training, cycle, hot yoga, conditioning. I am very comfortable in the gym on my own so the majority of the time I do my own stuff but every once in a while, it is nice to attend a class and just let someone else kick your butt. I try to sweat 4-5 days a week, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. It’s all about what works with your schedule and whether or not you are willing to make it a priority! 

Q: You’re constantly on the go, what’s your favourite snacks, smoothie place, coffee place, etc that you like to have on a busy day to keep you going?

A: My go-to protein bar has always been and will always be Darryl’s Performance Bars! They are SO tasty and the texture is so smooth you don’t even know it’s a protein bar. I am also a hugeeeeee peanutbutter addict so honeycrisp apples and copious amounts of peanutbutter are a must. My favourite little lunch spot in Brantford is Healthy Rabbit and they have the best healthy power bowls and smoothies. Everything is just so trendy in there so it’s always a fun little treat when I visit! 

Q: What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long week?

A: A glass (*cough*bottle*cough*) of red wine. No further explanation needed. 

Q: What’s your bedtime routine look like? 

A: I am a night owl… big time. I find that I’m actually the most productive at night! I’m always up super late doing little house projects or getting my life organized for the next day. My bedtime routine could definitely use some work. I wash my face (face wash, toner, Retinol serum, eye cream, moisturizer, spot treatment) and brush my teeth about 30 minutes before bed and then tuck myself into my bed to creep Instagram until I fall asleep with my phone in my hand. It is SUCH a bad habit and I am trying to work on that but I’m not seeing much success (*face palm*). My dad has always been a big reader and I have always been envious of that. I buy books with full intention of reading them but end up passing out with my bedside light on within 3 pages. I get so frustrated because then I have to re-read the last 2 the next night. As you can calculate on your own, with my 1-page-per-night reading rate, it takes me about 3.6 years to read a book. I think everyone has their own bedtime routine and it’s just all about what works best for you – I’m still figuring mine out! 

Q: What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you? 

A: Live by your integrity. No matter what I do, I make sure it is true to me. Whether I am holding a meeting at work, attending a family reunion, hanging out with my long-time friends or interacting with a complete stranger… I am the same person in all of those situations. I am very true to myself and do things that give me joy rather than doing them because other people think I should. 

Q: What’s next for you?

A: My hope is to continue to grow my renovation/home décor passion and try to tap into new opportunities through it. I have a lot of ideas for it and want to test the waters to see what can come of it. My ultimate goal is to finish the renovations on my current property and then scoop up another one in the next 2 years to continue the renovation fun! I have also always been self-conscious about my lack of travelling experience and want to try to travel more – I am making a conscious effort to save and plan for at least 1 trip each year! 

Q: What does Healthy is Hot mean to you?

A: I think it means confidence in your own self-love. I think it is so “hot” for us to be comfortable in our own skin. And that can be physical, mental and spiritual. Each person’s definition of healthy will be different but each one should be rooted in what makes them happy. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people and what we think healthy should be… and rather just live the life that brings us joy. That might mean pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and doing something that we’ve never done before or something that other people might not approve of. It might mean saying no to things that we don’t want to do and saying yes to things that bring us joy. It might mean letting go of people who bring toxicity into our lives rather than joy. It might mean busting our ass in a 75 minute fitness class or just plopping down on a couch to catch up with an old friend. I think Healthy is Hot is knowing that taking care of ourselves (both physically and mentally) is the most attractive thing we can do for ourselves… and goddammit, we deserve it! 

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