My 5 Must-haves For When I Travel

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Think about when you last travelled- what were the 5 essentials/must-haves/I-can’t-go-two-seconds-without-these-things you brought with you? 

For the long weekend, I travelled all the way to the Big Apple- New York City and I wanted to share my 5 travel essentials while they are fresh in my brain!

We did a 4 day, 3 night bus trip to New York City, and saw SO much! But because this was a bus trip, and we were going to be walking the city from 8 am to 8 pm every day, I knew that I needed to pack smart!

Travel essential #1: A really, really good weekend bag

So because this was a weekend trip, I didn’t have to lug around a suitcase and carry-on. All I needed was a great weekender bag that could fit all the essentials. I opted for my go-to carry-on for when I’m travelling by plane- my awesome Air Canada bag! It’s lightweight, super durable, and the boxy-shape of it allows for a lot of room! I love that it has the long strap to carry on your shoulder, as well as the handheld straps for easy carrying!

Travel essential #2: Pack outfits, not just random clothing items

I really like to plan out everything when it comes to travel, even the outfits I’m going to be wearing. I find this just helps in two ways: you don’t over-do it with the amount of clothes you’re bringing AND you have outfits ready to go for when you get to your destination, allowing you to just think about what restaurant you want to eat at, rather than thinking about what you’re going to wear! For NYC, comfort is key was the motto for me. Since we were doing so much walk and exploring, I really wanted to be comfortable in whatever I was wearing. Also I only had to plan out 3 outfits, 2 for exploring the city and 1 for our travel days (heading to NYC and back to Toronto). 

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Travel essential #3: Comfortable shoes are a must

As I keep mentioning, we did A LOT of walking on this trip, and we knew that going into it. So I packed two of my plushiest, most comfortable, running shoes that I could find- and I’m so glad I did. This is a good tip for any trip really, especially if you know you’re going to be out and about a lot. 

Travel essential #4: Prepare for all types of weather

We got really lucky and had beautiful weather for our trip, but New York City is notorious for rain and being a bit cooler, so I packed my awesome windbreaker jacket from K-SWISS. Though I never busted it out, I felt comfortable knowing that I was prepared for anything, even a torrential down pour!

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Travel essential #5: Bring something that reminds you of home

I always like to bring something with me on my travels that reminds me of being at home. I think it’s because I suffer from anxiety a lot when I’m away from home, so having that thing always helps to calm me down, bring me back to my happy place ,and feel gratitude in that moment. For me on this trip, that was my pillow. It did the trick of reminding me of home, but it was also such a smart move because it was so comfortable on the bus! 

What are your travel essentials? I’d love to hear your go-to wellness, fitness, self-care products that you like to bring on planes, trains, buses and cars! 

Want to see New York City with me? Check out my first travel vlog right here: 

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