The world’s highest yoga session

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If you have been following my posts during the last year, you have probably noticed that the main topics I write about are usually yoga, meditation, and hiking. In the last few years, my journey has taken these paths and now they have come to a crossroads. This is when I decided to combine my two passions and create my new project: Zen Summits.

In this project, I combine mountaineering and yoga to explore the ways they can interconnect. With a group of 6 participants, we will take a 5-day journey hiking up the Chachani Volcano, in Arequipa, Peru. At its summit, located at 6,057 masl, we will practice “asana”, meditation, and breathing: making it the highest yoga class ever documented. Throughout the years, yoga has become more focused on fancy poses and bending over backwards; here, I want to focus on its basic, simplicity, and the internal experience it can bring. How deep breaths, synchronized steps, movement, meditation, and mountains can create a unique, deep, and challenging experience: energetically, physically, and emotionally.

Through a documentary film, aside from showcasing this impressive event, I want to explore the energetic and emotional realms of the experience on different individuals’ body and mind. During the 5 days, with a mixed group of athletes, travellers, and yogis, we will hike up to the summit, spending nights in tents, surrounded by nature and a sky filled with bright, shinning stars. When we practice yoga at different altitudes (approximately 2,800m; 4,900m; 5,200m; and 6,057m above sea level) we will notice and observe how our bodies move and feel, the ways our breathing patterns change, and how our minds affect our overall experience.

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In the fast-paced world we live in, it can become difficult to focus on our breathing; but in the mountains, you are faced with the most important part of your expedition: keeping a deep, slow, and controlled breath. Very high-altitude conditions are difficult for both the body and the mind; but through yoga and meditation, we can find ways to overcome these challenges in a search for balance.

Although I do not know what will happen, how people will feel, or how things will unravel during this expedition, I believe that the most important lesson is what you learn on your way to the top of the mountain. Mountains symbolize strength and have been standing for thousands of years, it will be the time for us to explore our inner strength in this high and incredible place on earth.

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