Confessions Of An Active Mom

How can one be active when there is a whole list of things that need to be done for your family and for yourself? I will be the first one to admit that having an active lifestyle is a daily struggle. Between cooking, cleaning, appointments and just figuring out if I can read the first chapter of a novel that I picked up before my son was born, the thought of being active in any shape or form is exhausting.

Where do I have an half an hour let alone a full hour to get moving? How can I get to the gym when my family is constantly on the go? There are so many options and ways you can be active and still incorporate the little ones! Being their top role model why not give them the gift of an active lifestyle?

This doesn’t mean going to gym or crushing a crazy workout 5x a week. An active lifestyle can be in the form of many different things, here are 5 ways to get active on a busy schedule with your kids!

1. Always take baby steps.

Being active doesn’t always need a huge kick start. To get into a routine and all moms know this well you need to start small and introduce little tidbits. This will provide sustainability in your daily activities that can last a lifetime and help your kids understand the importance of movement.

2. Try more than one activity.

It’s important to target all areas of the body. Your legs, arms, core, hands and feet all require movement so that as we progress in life we are able to move better and the ultimate goal, feel better. While there is nothing wrong with going to the gym it is great to mix up your movement routine. Activities such as after dinner walks, hiking, yoga, swimming and a great game of tag can target different parts of the body. Also it gets your little one recognizing the different ways they can move, exploration and being open to try new things. It’s great for feeding their brains which also requires healthy patterns.

3. Keep yourself hydrated and eat well!

I also know it’s super hard to eat well when on a budget, time constraint and if your kids are like my son snack o’clock is every 20-30 minutes. Keep easy snacks around for you and the family. Some of my favorite staples are cucumbers, bananas, strawberries, grapes and the almighty granola. I feel like you can make huge batches of granola and they are always a hit. If there are allergy or dietary restrictions sit down with a nutritionist or your doctor to find some great ways you can make quick snacks and easy meals. The average requirement of water intake is roughly 3-4L per day. Start small and get used to having a glass when you wake up, even before you have that delicious cup of coffee.

4. Movement at home.

Your day might start at 6 or 7am. There might be literally no time as you need to get ready for work, little ones ready for school and out the door. 10 minutes of mobility work whether it is sun salutations, active stretching can make a big difference in your day and the families. Stress levels lower as soon as you start moving, range of motion improves and can stimulate your body’s digestion earlier in the day.

Not able to get moving early? Maybe you might have better luck during the afternoon or evening. Find ways to bring your movement to another level and most of these exercises can be fit in sporadically during your day instead of all at once.

  • Bear crawls (my kid loves theses, we even move over the toy’s and pick them up once by one once it’s clean up time!)
  • Body weight squats (cook breakfast and break a few squats.)
  • Rolling (just slowly spiralling and rolling around the floor can be relaxing and fun)
  • Core work and pelvic floor work (depending on the age of your little ones boat pose and hugs always was fun.)
  • Lunges (put on a little music and lunge around the house for a few minutes, haha get it? Lung around?)
  • Dancing (nothing feels better than a good dance session. Get everyone involved and fill the house with love)

5. Do what you can and take 5 minutes for you!

Reflection is key. As mentioned before your brain needs to be healthy also. Carve out 5-10 minutes, which is extremely hard to do but focus on that morning coffee, focus on just taking a shower, focus only on reading a newspaper article or sitting down in a room where no one may be for just 5 minutes and begin to enjoy those moments can help a lot. As families of today we are constantly on the go! We have so much on our plates and it’s understandable. But 5-10 minutes to slow down gives you time to reset and get back to being the awesome person that you are.

It’s always about doing what you can and what is going to help you feel great at the end of the day. Try these tips out even if it is just one and see if it takes you exploring other methods of movement, creating adventures for you and your family or maybe helping you find more rest and relaxation in your routine.