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My Skincare Routine

Hey HIH fam! I wanted to talk to you today about skincare. Most of my life, I’ve struggled with acne. I can remember going into high school, super insecure about my skin. The acne, the scarring, the redness. Thinking about it now makes me want to hug that 14-year-old girl. Fast forward to now at 23 years old, I never thought I’d still be dealing with acne. 

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Klorane Canada Shampoo Review – for Oily Hair!

If you had the chance to read my last hair care review, you would know that I’ve been a long-time sufferer of oily hair. I’m here to tell all of you ladies and gents out there who face the wrath of oily hair that you’re not alone! This is something that’s been a constant struggle of mine, but luckily there are all of these new products targeted toward different types of hair, making it a little easier to cope without the baby powder or loads of dry shampoo, leaving us with oily hair to skip a hair wash or two.

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Saying No to Toxic Ingredients

Happy New Year HIH Family! In the new year, everyone has things they’d like to change, for me, this year I’d like to be more conscious about the ingredients in products I’m using. I’m not someone who is allergic to a lot of things or have sensitive skin so I wasn’t too picky when it came to the ingredients list in my products and as a girl … I use so many products on a daily basis!

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