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Balancing Fitness and School

Some days it can feel hard to get up and do a workout. As a student, my days are filled with long lectures and lots of assignments. Sometimes fitness can take a backseat. But lately I’ve gotten into a routine that allows me to balance being active and getting all of my school work done. Things can get crazy and I forget just how important it is to keep my body moving and how much better and more focused I feel when I get some type of physical activity in during my day. Here are some of my tips for balancing fitness and school.

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How I Get Sh*t Done: Chloe Wilde

Do you have a role model you look up to? Maybe it’s your mom, or your grandma, or it could even be your best friend, or a mentor who has helped you in a sport, a job, or pretty much anything in life. I have a handful of really great role models (yes mom you’re one of them!) and today I get to interview one for a very special edition of HIGSD. April marks the first anniversary of ‘How I Get Sh*t Done,” and it wouldn’t have existed without this woman, our HIH founder Chloe Wilde. Chloe has been a role model to me longer than she probably knows. And when I finally got to meet her in person at the HIH meet up in summer of 2018,  I felt like I was going to cry because it was like I had known her forever. She was an absolute delight to meet and chat with, and to this day, we still keep in touch and support each other via social media. This week, I got the chance to chat with Chloe and find out everything from what her morning routine looks like to the next exciting HIH venture coming to the site soon!  

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5 Ways To Avoid Completely Ruining Your Progress on the Weekends

Happy Friday, everyone! Who else is excited for the weekend!?

I used to ALWAYS fear making plans or going out with friends on the weekends because I thought that it would totally destroy my progress. I thought that all of the hard work & dedication I put in during the week would just magically and completely undo itself in those two days.

Let me be the one to break it to ya... that's 100% not true.

Honestly, life is all about BALANCE. If you’re able to go into each weekend event or experience with a good game plan, chances are you'll not only NOT ruin your progress, but you'll feel even better and more capable of continuing on your fitness journey in the long run.

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A Sustainable Relationship with Food

If you read my article last month about healing my body after years of diet abuse, you know I laid bare my broken and sick body and my deep desire to be healthy, to be mentally alert, to feel strong and in control and eventually get back in the gym enjoying lifting weights.  I really wanted to touch in with Healthy is Hot readers and give you an honest update of where my journey is at and if these changes are working for me. What I am currently working on as a part of my healing process is a sustainable relationship with food.  To be active, to be healthy, you need food.  To think clearly, to perform in any way you need to fuel your body. 

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