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One Year Since I Left Canada

Four years ago my two best friends and I booked a trip to travel around Ireland and Scotland. Little did we know back then that trip would lead to me finding my new home and my boyfriend S.  They have openly admitted wishing we had booked another location so that I was still in Canada…but hey ;)

My life back in Ottawa was great, I really couldn't complain. I was close to my friends and family, had a lovely home, and a career. The thought of leaving it all behind to move to a new country was daunting, but also really exciting. It helps that I was moving closer to my family in Ireland, but also I was moving to be with S. and that would save money on constant flying back and fourth to Scotland!

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How I Get Sh*t Done: Samantha Cutler

Meet Samantha Cutler. She went from working in the corporate world to becoming a wellness blogger, and motivational coach behind The Fit Fitale: her blog and online tribe! With over 28,000 followers, Samantha inspires and coaches in a way that leaves a lasting impression! Did we mention she’s also a contributor to SWEAT, the health and wellness website created by Kayla Itnes and Toby Pearce, and she’s a Tresemme ambassador? Healthy is Hot sat down with the girl that is doing it all, talking everything from self-care, to why mornings are her favourite part of the day! 

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Live The Story You Want To Tell

Everyone has a story. Think about yours for a minute. How would you kick it off, which part of your life would you have in chapter 1? Who would be the major players, the key characters that tell the narrative of the winding road that was instrumental in getting you to this current place? Which anecdotes would make the cut, adding colour to the crescendos and valleys of the rollercoaster ride we refer to as ‘life’? 

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