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Happy One Year Anniversary to HIGSD!

Hi fam! It's Nicole, creator and writer of the HOW I GET SH*T DONE series on Healthy is Hot. This week marks one year since kicking off the series! One year ago I was having dinner with my friend Madison Pizer. We were talking about our jobs and she was telling me about her multiple ventures, including her part-time at Aritizia and founding her own jewelry line where she makes all it herself. I found myself thinking to myself ‘how the hell does she get everything done in her freaking days with everything she’s got going on?’ And then I thought to myself that would actually be a really interesting thing to ask people. About a week later, I pitched the idea to HIH, asked Madison if she would be my first interview, and HIGSD was born! 

Today I wanted to celebrate the one year mark of this beloved series by showing you all 36 (and soon to be 37) of the interviews, and share a few of my favourite answers some of them have given! So let’s get into it!

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